1. From the start, they should have handed the project to someone else. Maybe Peter Jackson or someone like that.

  2. TFA was a blatant and inferior rehash of a new hope with an utterly confusing and impossible world state.

  3. I recognize that we will probably not find common ground here, but from my point of view it has to do with the centrality of the sacraments. Sacraments cannot change, and matrimony is a sacrament. By its nature, it is ordered for the begetting and raising of children. This is possible only with a heterosexual couple. Therefore, same-sex couples simply cannot be married. (And actually, most same-sex couples I know in the church recognize this.)

  4. But can’t we see “having kids” in broader way? There’s adoption… there’s giving back to the community and mentoring others

  5. Right, but any adult can do these things. That kind of spiritual parenthood, which we see exercised by God-parents, clergy, teachers, mentors, etc. is simply not what marriage is for. Marriage is for the literal procreation of children, through sex

  6. I think collapse could easily lead to nuclear war. Collapse will create conflict. Nations won’t stand back and go hungry. They’ll either work together nor fight. And we don’t have the greatest track record in terms of working together.

  7. He bowed out of Creed III because he didn't like the direction the series was taking. He'd have to be very pleased with a script for Creed IV (assuming it even happens) to come back.

  8. But Stallone has talked of other movies featuring Rock, outside of Creed. So maybe there’s some chance?

  9. I’m fairly sure he’ll play Rocky again. Maybe it’ll be in Creed IV or V or perhaps in another Rocky movie, but we will see him again

  10. It’s a tie between the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.

  11. They love what they do. It’s that simple. The stones are a trio now,,with a hunch of hired hands backing them up

  12. Yes. Untended reactors will be an issue. We also forget that collapse could easily lead to war as populations starve

  13. Traditionally, I believe, Germans put up their tree on Christmas Eve. Growing up, my friend's German mom always had them decorate on the 24th. So they may not have had it up very long.

  14. I stand corrected. She’s not an omniscient narrator. She’s reliable most of the time, but not always

  15. Yours look very rare, nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with well done either, it’s all a matter of taste

  16. My sisters were brownies as were many female friends of mine. I simply never thought of the name “brownies” as negative , racial, or bad in anyway. If anything it was just a cute sort of word. I don’t get the racial and harmful thing here, but I’ll try

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