1. Exactly. And 5'3 really isn't extreme. Still within a normal distribution range

  2. Right, especially if you come from a family that is smaller.. perfectly normal height.

  3. In the US it's as common as 6'5. Don't think most people would consider 6'5 that extreme of a height either

  4. Doesn't going to the gym seem kinda sub primal? Shouldn't he just be running through the woods holding a massive chain like cavemen did... And you know, dying of shitting too much...

  5. The thing is, you lose em how you get em, so if there was an overlap it's their problem now. You really shouldn't have this much concern over them (I know you are venting on here but still) I think you may need to further work on yourself in therapy and change how you are internalising this, it's not good for you. I understand why you would be angry honestly I do, I just feel like that only impacts you.

  6. I honestly couldn't give a single fuck who is actually in charge, I will only ever vote labour.

  7. Hay guys, anyone reading this who has a.small baby, I'm sure you already know but I'm going to say it anyway... Please don't dump your newborn on a chair in a heap like this so it looks like they are sitting up.. they fall forward really easily and it hurts their tummy... Thank you..

  8. Please ask your niece to have dinner with you. This is a gross situation and your parents have made it clear it's all going to be ok with them.. she is now his partner.

  9. Personally, no I don't care, I have had amazing doctors of both genders.

  10. Nah , 6'4 is better , you can even get the tall girls (5'11-6'2) and you are not to tall.

  11. Keem "death to all jews" star is really such a grass huh lol

  12. I've had this happen before. My friend had been bragging about how tall her boyfriend was, and he kept saying he was 6'2 and a half. I finally met him at a dance, and I looked down and shook his hand calmly. He's maybe about 5'11 lol

  13. Haaa, why do people do it, it's so weird man!

  14. yea you're not fooling anyone haha

  15. i didn't say i thought it was cute, im just saying when you leave condescending comments you shouldn't be shocked when people don't respond positively to it

  16. Saying "yes , they pee ..." Isn't condescending?! It's a short statement of fact....

  17. Learn to tut, I don't think Americans do it... I could be wrong but I have never seen anyone tut in a film or show... Idk..

  18. Fucking hell... So now.she associates popping with a being physically abused ..... Well done.. nice job there bellend.

  19. Yeah, British bulldog... I think everyone did.

  20. It doesn't make a difference unless you were half dead from starvation. My son struggled to put on weight for years, I was so worried he wouldn't grow at all, but he is 6ft now at 16. Please don't upset yourself or beat yourself up about your height or thinking you "caused" it. It's not like that.

  21. He just looks like a normal dude. I am struggling to see how anyone is making fun of him.

  22. Not really, I have a tall husband and tall children... That guy might also have tall family members...

  23. I thought you were being funny, ya know: border collie + (staffy terrier + jack terrier)= border terrier ... lol

  24. Oh no lol her dad is a full boarder terrier lol her mum is a staffyjack.

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