1. same like wtf 😭 only song i can listen to is game over

  2. is that from the bat country music video?

  3. The stage and god damn released for rock band 4 and we got official tracks for them in 2016:)

  4. oh shit that's cool. Hopefully we love you will go on there too.

  5. He's listening to the youtube leak. The uploader added that at the end of a few songs to avoid copyright

  6. wait wait what's this second half you speak of

  7. You are right about Mattel. I don't remember G too much, but you are probably right about that one. Syn said they would release those visuals at some point. So hopefully everyone gets to experience them!

  8. oh good :) i'm glad they'll be released i wanted to watch them again. I was too busy listening to the music when i was there i didn't pay too much attention to the visuals. The only thing i remember besides the ones i described was ordinary and it was like this black backdrop and it had a bunch of little spotlights all around

  9. Yep! (D)eath had a spooky back drop as well when the strings kicked in. Everything turned reddish. I think there was an eclipse of some kind.

  10. that piano piece sounds like something Jimmy would've written, it really caught me off guard.

  11. matt did say that jimmy wrote some parts of this album so who knows

  12. As long as the lake is safe and there's no fish or birds nearby. It's good that they have him on a leash too

  13. Yes. Scroll down a bit and you'll find the flac files


  15. you might just have to download them and play them through vlc media player. That's what i used

  16. I am indifferent on that song. Vocals are awesome but everything else is very boring to me. After listening to the rest of the album, I think it's one of the better tracks.

  17. mattel is still the best song in my opinion

  18. it's flac, the files are relatively big i don't think it'll be able to send through dm. I'm working on making a shared google drive right now with the files in it.

  19. can u keep me updated on that, all these reviews and i cant hear it💔

  20. sort by new on the subreddit, it should be there.

  21. took the flac files from the google drive and imported them into vlc media player

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