Kraken Lays Off 1100 Employees

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  1. frothy eh? ministers can justify their high salary by the work load and requirements but dont realise that it also rightfully applies to many of the stem fields.

  2. geft says:

    Now you know why foreign talent is needed lol. Too bad incumbents gonna incumbent.

  3. How to regulate or enforce the minimum number of passengers though?

  4. Indonesia tried this on certain major roads. What happened was there were a bunch of people hanging around the area offering to hitch a ride for a small fee.

  5. A quality laptop can be 700 too. Because people pay more doesn't truly make it much better..

  6. geft says:

    The graphic card is expensive. Decent gaming laptops start at $1500 onwards for new models.

  7. Decent is relative. Another ignorant statement.

  8. Sure and a decent phone is $300. Your point?

  9. Certainly a possibility it happens, but the prediction of July is the worst case scenario prediction, with the models showing a most likely scenario of not reaching dead pool levels.

  10. geft says:

    Waiting for the faster than expected headline in June.

  11. Holy shit, even if he ended up grabbing her hand, she was basically expecting him to lift her and carry her over. Literally stepped into the "water"

  12. geft says:

    For a moment she thought she was Jesus.

  13. geft says:

    Depends how shitty their original pay was.

  14. Gag order has always been to protect victim's identify for being revealed by association, it's not some favor they choose to give some offenders.

  15. The doctor who was falsely accused and had to spend 300k to clear his name? Everyone knows his name and face.

  16. Should really sue for damages

  17. geft says:

    And spend more money on lawyers? 😂

  18. Prenup is worthless where I live.

  19. None. US is the only one.

  20. Yes. We Americans often don't realize that the 30 year fixed-rate mortgage is somewhat unique to us due to government programs.

  21. No, it cannot be fought in the courts. That was explicitly ensured. They lifted a colonial-era (thanks, Britain) law that criminalised gay sex. One of those sodomy laws. It is generally speaking progress, and is viewed as such by SG queer activists, but so help me there is still a lot of work to be done.

  22. Things might change when millennials and gen Z represent the majority of voters. Culture here (especially boomers) are extremely conservative.

  23. Richest yes, happiest no. Income equality is huge and if you're poor in Singapore, good luck. Hustle culture is really prevalent.

  24. Just report. The police would tell you what to do.

  25. Not sure if this is underrated but my company is under 100% WFH arrangement

  26. That's the best benefit in my opinion. My company has permanent WFH as well but you can go to the office if you want to. Competitors are offering 20% higher salary but then they are WFO...

  27. I have a scar on my forehead. Was soo self conscious about it as a kid. Felt like it pulsed or had a neon sign, or talked to people, I don't know. Wore bangs for way longer than a phase should have been. All the while, people kept telling me they couldn't see it. Took me over 20 years to believe them.

  28. Hmm didn't know acne scars were so sexy.

  29. It’s also the problem of housing. I want to have children ( live in the Netherlands) but I’m not able to do so in a house of 35 m2.

  30. Well technically you still can. I've read of people having 3 kids live in a small apartment.

  31. Well since the place is home of the God of justice, it's based on France and with his dialogue, it looks like a revolution

  32. Wait is that theme allowed in China?

  33. In Sumeru they really made a whole plotline about a source of knowledge you could use to look up anything, and how it's a bad thing that the government controlled it and blocked the people's access to knowledge they didn't want them to have. And got away with it. I think anything else hoyo can do will not get worse than that

  34. Well Fountaine is steampunk so presumably they have steampunk weapons like tanks...

  35. The cheaper replacement may not be a good substitute, and sometimes they know that. Especially if you're doing the work of more than 1 person.

  36. Don't worry they already censored that.

  37. Don’t sinkie pwn sinkie pls.. some elderly prolly wanna downgrade? Or move out of ageing flats..

  38. Would they know to look for it if they didn't know it existed?

  39. If I knew my country's internet is censored, the first thing I'd do overseas is probably to find out which sites were censored. However, language barrier is a pretty big deal here since most of the info is in English.

  40. I'm sure that despite being conditioned to think of the censorship as a good thing, you'd work your hardest to circumvent it.

  41. My country censors porn.

  42. What company like this much of requirements :dizzy_face:

  43. From my experience it's always the cheapo ones. Companies who need to hire top talents won't even dream to do something like this.

  44. Much easier to reject if you have other offers.

  45. These shutdowns are getting pretty ridiculous. There are times where there’s no positive cases in the area but they decide to shutdown for 5 days as some sort of power move o.O

  46. Because the livelihood of regional leaders is at stake, they'd rather be heavy handed. The rule may say a positive case has to be quarantined in their home but it's ok for others to leave. However, the people in charge would rather just barricade the whole building for a week.

  47. For me it would be guaranteed generational wealth for at least ten generations. The ENTIRE lineage. So if I fuck and produce 50 kids all fifty have to be able to live in utter luxury and their kids too no matter how many they have for ten generations. I estimate that this value is currently greater than the value of the world economy at present. So no I do not really have a realistic price for me to lose my kidney.

  48. lol when you're unemployed and evicted suddenly a kidney feels a lot cheaper.

  49. Fries maybe but plain potato is healthy and not really calorie dense. A single potato is 300 cal but a large cup of Starbucks sugar is easily double that at least.

  50. Did a quick Google search and picked large. Most common would probably be medium sized.

  51. In Israel, the women serve with the men, and another factor is of course their religion.

  52. You can get a decent bungalow in India at HDB prices. For GCB level it's the price of a 1 BR condo here.

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