1. Oh awesome I've yet to find delta 9 , pretty much d8 and some hhc

  2. You should try a safety razor; the shave is better than a cartridge and it doesn't lead to shaving irritation or ingrown hairs. The cartridge design is flawed because the multi blade design is meant to tug the hair, cut it, and cut hair below the skin, resulting in ingrown hair.

  3. do you know if i’ll be able to buy one at the px during basic? i’ve only ever used a safety razor and i feel like if i use the normal multi blade ones ima have hella razor bumps at basic training.

  4. +1 for 38B Civil Affairs. I’m making $900 month on two languages right now

  5. If you really want to learn a language, Civil Affairs sends anyone that wants to go for their units language identifier. Slotted to go to Korean DLI this year.

  6. How long did it take you to get a slot to go to DLI once you go to your unit? I’m shipping for 38B in a week and DLI would be awesome to go to!

  7. Thank you yes, for purchasing returned items.

  8. How were they? I wanted to order some but wasn’t sure if I’d get a super old case

  9. they were as good as i remembered, my last can here says it was manufactured march 2022, i don’t think monsters expire

  10. the doctor didn’t look at the heels of my feet during the physical

  11. I am going to Benning for Airborne school tomorrow. In my case, I am in an Airborne unit, all we need to do is let our chain of command know and if they have seats we are in. Although I've heard it differs from unit to unit. So do ask your chain of command.

  12. how long was it from the time you asked your command for a slot to your date for airborne school tmw?

  13. Well originally I was in a non airborne unit when I signed up for Army but showed my interest for airborne. My recruiter helped get me into an airborne unit before I even went to basic training. I Finished my training in 2021 Sept and had my slot for Jan 2023. There were many opportunities to go early as well but I chose to stick with my date. Those in my unit who showed interest in going and asked their Chain of Command got the slots within a month really depends if your unit has open slots.

  14. i’m 99% sure my unit isn’t going to be airborne so idk if i’ll get the chance to go to airborne school, but being in usacapoc will probably give me a better shot than other commands in the reserves😂 good luck at airborne school though thanks for the info

  15. USACAPOC has all the opportunities and specific airborne slots. Feel free to reach out to me and I can send the list of airborne specific openings

  16. how difficult would it be as an e-3 straight out of ait to get some opportunities to go to airborne or DLI? my unit will be in texas so idk if that matters.

  17. recruiters in my area invite people to DM them for more info in their bio. i don’t think your recruiter will mind someone showing interest in joining


  19. lol every other article i read talks about how it changes from to being allowed and vice versa

  20. It’s 21 on post as it is federal law.

  21. 37F reserve July 2021 - December 2021 DET 10. You are stuck at Jackson for Basic and AIT you might not be able to leave base . You will have you phone on Sundays in basic. In AIT you will get your phone in phases Sunday then weekends then the whole week. There will be no MP osut in the reserves and you will report to your unit and probably be at your unit for some time until you get a slot for airborne . This also goes with Civil Affairs. Civil affairs did stay for like 5 days more but have a humvee training in AIT. AIT will be Death by PowerPoint classes with exams , 2 field exercises, and a 8 mile ruck and a 12 mile ruck with approximately 60lbs. Honestly probably the most fun I had in a while was joining the reserves

  22. what was your favorite part of ait? i’m going in as 38b but i’m guessing it’ll be kind of similar to 37f.

  23. these cans are always dented since they’re so soft. also hit harder than a bang or a reign even with less caffeine

  24. Alright, thanks for the feedback. Assuming you’re from U.S good night when ever you fall to sleep.

  25. you won’t be sent to a submarine in the navy unless you volunteer

  26. I think the coolest thing was definitely the FTX. They bought in civilians to do the role play for several scenarios and at Jackson there’s a fictional town where you go to and it’s got some name in Arabic. You’ll know it when you see it, essentially it’s a bunch of concrete structures and shipping containers.

  27. do you learn any skills that you can translate into the civilian world? i’ve heard you learn negotiation/mediation tactics? anything of the sort?

  28. Yeah of course. It’s not as big of a curriculum that a lot of people think it to be but mediation is definitely a skill taught. Since the split with CA and SOCOM you’ve got kind of a more set and defined role for civil affairs, no more cool guy stuff like breaking down doors and clearing rooms. But a lot more peacekeeping and humanitarian aid. I remember de-escalation being one of the things we talked about. Which is definitely applicable to the real world.

  29. awesome i ship off next month for 38b i’m hoping i’ll enjoy it! thanks bro

  30. Trust me, if y’all knew how the wings are made y’all wouldn’t eat there

  31. The 20 week OSUT is only for those joining the active duty side of 37F on their very first enlistment. They’ll go from military police OSUT -> 10 day selection -> one year of qualification course. That’s because PSYOP is part of special operations if you’re active duty. Since you’re going to reclass into 37F in the reserves you’ll be conventional army therefore you won’t have to go to OSUT, selection, or the year long qualification course. The AIT for reservists joining PSYOP is 10 weeks long. But since you’re prior service it can be shorter IIRC.

  32. I hope so, I took the at home Walgreens urine exam 2 times and passed but I know for a fact that whatever Uncle Sam uses is significantly more sophisticated than that

  33. meps tests for 50ng if you piss hot then they’ll check for 15ng in the same test

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