1. I may be talking out of school here but I think you’re gonna want to put some kind of boards on the sides and maybe on top to keep the wind and rain off of the stuff you put inside.

  2. Also swirl it with some white and add a little magical forest in there, like a necklace that lives in table.

  3. And don’t forget to add little pine trees that lay flat against the table until you activate a hidden lever and then the trees stand upright!

  4. You could add another 2x on it’s edge against the 2x6 and attach it from the side. It’s usually called a stiff back.

  5. It did happen in 1970 at Kent state Ohio National Guard opened fire on a peaceful protest, killing 4 and wounding 9

  6. Knowing what I know now, I would not. Age 40 is when you really start to figure out who you are and what matters most.

  7. Your problem is less about your roommates ADHD and more about the difficulty you’re having with setting limits with her. As someone with ADHD myself, I can strongly relate to your roommates challenges but a strong motivator for me was the realization that I was damaging my relationships with people who cared about and supported me.

  8. I have both. I do prefer the fatmax because the tape has a longer standout which is useful when working alone. That being said there's nothing wrong with either.

  9. You must be a rookie. The answer is ALWAYS a new guitar.

  10. I’m the director of the student counseling center at a public university in the Midwest. I’ve worked in the mental health field since 1995–eight years in community mental health, seventeen in private practice and the rest where I am now. I’ve never seen this level of demand for mental health services. Now is a good time to get into the field.

  11. A board stretcher might do the trick but you’ll need one that is graded for laminate and can make diagonal adjustments.

  12. Must…resist…rummaging…through…pile… Must…resist…rummaging…through…pile…

  13. I’d still like to see either joint compound or Bono or something in there—you never know when a future homeowner is going to go for an “open walls” look.

  14. I’m going to study this image very, very closely to see if I can find the difference.

  15. Method acting…it’s like he’s not even acting.

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