1. Lesson learned, now forget about this account forever.

  2. It appears Epic now pays for pre-order exclusivity for games. Still scummy as hell but glad to see their Fortnite reserves are drying up.

  3. I was thinking of head on specifically.

  4. That's great! A Steam Deck owner will surely use all that up within a year.

  5. Sequel is used very loosely in the title here

  6. FH5 if you just want the greatest value

  7. Alyx, with Sekiro second. The rest aren't even close.

  8. For anyone looking to buy F1 22, this is likely the last time it'll be on sale. For comparison F1 2021 hasn't been on sale since March 2022.

  9. People who only care about "story" in video games are so insufferable.

  10. With a story like that, would you really want to replay it?

  11. Gameplay is the only thing that matters

  12. Looks like PCGamer is off Sweeney's payroll.

  13. I think I would buy MONSTER HUNTER RISE

  14. Well yeah, no game is truly immortalized until it's on PC

  15. Can't wait for Gabe Newell to take this same stance at which point Sweeney will do a complete reversal.

  16. Hey! Which AAA garbage games are you talking about? >:(

  17. There are so many games worse than BF2042 that are also exclusive. Saints Row, Dead Island 2, Stranger of Paradise, just to name a few.

  18. Wouldn't surprise me, but I think it would be 1-3 months at most. Take-Two loves the bribe money but even they aren't that stupid.

  19. Isn’t OP an alt of some rabid EGS fan. Name looks very similar to someone I have blocked lmao

  20. I believe they are an EGS supporter. It wouldn't surprise me if this post gets deleted tomorrow.

  21. Great to see that player spending went down slightly last year.

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