1. Modernise by cramming a new engine and slapping on some composite armour then add an ATGM on top for good measure. Surely nothing could go wrong

  2. My thoughts exactly, but with a GAU-8 in place of the original 17 pounder.

  3. Damn he looks like he’s out for revenge lol

  4. Either that or paranoid that William is going to tie up loose ends someday.

  5. Hunted for sport. That would be every single vatnik's fate, a picture of their emaciated frame posted online to be assigned a score by the terminally online like us.

  6. Wow, I am very familiar with the concept of a useful idiot, but if things ever do get officially spicy between the US and Russia, this piece alone qualifies the Hill for extra scrutiny regarding where Thay get their money and who's on staff.

  7. The longbow in competent hands remains a deadly instrument of war.

  8. The ones with blue in them hurt my eyes, but most of the others are pleasant.

  9. Now I want to hear the descendant of Uighur and Latin.

  10. Prudish in comparison to the codpiece trend from a couple centuries earlier.

  11. Following a statement with ad hominem attack. Where did Musk go to school?

  12. That laugh was good for the soul. Thank you.

  13. This, kids, is why you don't take deliriants lightly.

  14. Democratic Russia was one of my favorite games in previous patches.

  15. As a self-proclaimed history buff and a self-proclaimed fantasy nerd, I concur. That is rad as hell. takes out cartoon thief money bag Time to start stealin' ideas

  16. My heretical brother in Christ, you are fighting NATO's drinking buddy who goes shooting with NATO sometimes and gets first pick of stuff that NATO pulls out of the shed in its yard.

  17. The helicopter must blast hard bass whenever it's on, with a stealth version that has a volume knob.

  18. Ooh boy, unless he renounces US citizenship, if things get spicy between Russia and NATO, he'd be the subject of the first honest to goodness treason trial in the US in a long while.

  19. I love sci-fi. I’m gonna check it now!

  20. It has one of the least wacky space combat presentations, too.

  21. Uh, take a closer look. They used non Newtonian physics in all their fighter battles. They did a little better with the Battlestar.

  22. True. The flak screen seemed contrived as well.

  23. I wonder if there are any recordings of him speaking Yucatec Mayan (the modern language closest to Classical Mayan). Extra points if it's with a thick Russian accent.

  24. But your transaction can be one of them if you pay a big enough bribe!

  25. Ooh boy, Costa Rican politics during the WW2 era transcended the labels applied by most of the world.

  26. I predict that there will be an action movie where at the climax the protagonists are about to get overrun and call in one of these on their position after getting into a bunker.

  27. It never ceases to make me chuckle how butthurt the Soviet Union was that Tito went communist but refused to bow down to Stalin.

  28. Latin America won its independence before the technology to overcome geographical barriers was invented. It took Costa Rica weeks to learn that it was independent.

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