1. I was not a fan of the episode “talk” and I think episodes 605 & 606 could’ve been easily made into a single episode with some writing improvements.

  2. I think 5 and 6, yes were VERY slow, without the build up, episodes 7-9 wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful, and I actually rewatched season 6 on a binge and episodes 5 and 6 work much better than live, while yes 5 and 6 could’ve been one episode, the slow paced layout and mystery of them helped the buildup of Howard’s demise to the breakup arc to be that much more impactful

  3. Watching the current Gene scenes, I hope he answers for all he’s done, but I was rewatching earlier seasons the other day, and I can’t stand to see Jimmy McGill go to jail, I was rewatching the scene with him and Kim outside their office and I don’t want that person to go to jail, but it’s not Jimmy anymore is it, that’s why I love this show so much, it’s the perfect deterioration of a man

  4. I’m not saying that your wrong but where did they say Jeff didn’t crash the cab to get Gene out, I thought he did as Gene seemed way to relaxed about it

  5. I think the writing has been at its best this season but it’s sad that you’ve got problems especially as this is its final season, what instances of cheap writing have you noticed?

  6. On a first watch, a scene where Gene strangled Marion would’ve been shocking, but thinking about it after would’ve left a bad taste in my mouth, Jimmy WAS ultimately a good man, who made some bad choices and did some awful things (the Irene stuff), Saul was his coping mechanism to hide the pain from losing Chuck, Kim and being partly responsible for Howard’s death, and Gene is a sad lonely man who scams and cons because he has nothing left to lose after that phone call with Kim, but as shocking as it may be to see him do that with Marion, I don’t think it would’ve fit his character, Gene is a totally different beast from Saul and Jimmy, he only cons because he has nothing left to lose, he can’t handle the Cinnabon manager life, and Kim won’t talk to him, he can’t help himself, obviously he didn’t want to be found out by Marion, but he wouldn’t strangle an old lady to death

  7. I mean if that's their vision of the character's arc, fine, but as it leaves us as BCS as the "story of a man who nearly became really bad"'re no longer telling the story of a seismic transformation of the man, your entire story is instead one of how a man thought he was suited to play the monster but his conscience eventually prevailed. The final episode is going to have to result in Jimmy's "prevail" leaving to something monumental in order to drive home the point.

  8. Nearly? He’s now an irredeemable asshole, we started off as Jimmy with the worst he did was a billboard scam to build his practice, and had returned $1.6 million in untraceable cash because it was the right thing to do, in season 6, he and Kim pull a long term scam on Howard that involves making him look like a drug addict, and ruins his reputation, and he and Kim have sex while his reputation is being ruined in front of them. In Breaking Bad, Saul suggests killing people all the time, Badger, Jesse, Hank and probably a lot more, he knowing abetted and laundered money for a drug kingpin and was complicit in the literal poisoning of a child, and in the Gene timeline, he’s wiping millions from peoples bank accounts and goes as far as possibly fatally injuring a man with cancer by breaking his Dogs urn over his head after he broke in and robbed him, and then rips an elderly womens phone out of her wall and threatens to strangle her with a phone chord by intimidation, so he’s already an extremely awful excuse of a human, you don’t need to kill to be really bad

  9. It’s not to distinguish the timelines, like others have said it’s a stylistic choice, and it works really well for me, everything is so dull and grim it’s sickening, there’s no colour in his life, he doesn’t enjoy the scams, it’s all devoid of colour

  10. The correct way is obviously Better Call Presents Slippin Jimmy only.

  11. It was magical, way better than breaking bad episode from last week, I didn't expect the interaction between Kim and Jesse.

  12. Yeah it was amazing, what’s your option season 6 as a whole?

  13. Way better the second part of this season, it reminds me of the first seasons like they get you thinking and tying dots.

  14. It’s amazing isn’t it, episode 3,7,8,9, 11 and 12 are all masterful TV, and the other episodes were all incredible but the show as a whole is amazing

  15. Please give your thoughts when you’re done, it’s one of the most emotional in the series

  16. I have no idea, while i feel the show really slowed down in 605-606, I was needed as the payoff with 607-609 wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful, this season features “Rock and Hard Place” “Plan and Execution” “Point and Shoot” “Fun and Games” “Breaking Bad” and “Waterworks” which are all top tier episodes, it’s incredible.

  17. Good or bad cringed, because the scene is supposed to be very uncomfortable as she never got the chance to show emotion after what happened to Howard, she finally did 6 years later

  18. Best episode of the season so far, Jesse cameo again kinda useless but didn't hurt the overall impact too much

  19. I didn’t feel it was completely useless, it shows two characters, one at the end of their journey and one at the beginning, Kim had just seeded things with Saul, they’re divorced and she got pushed out like another client, she’s seen everything, Jesse is at true start of his, he’ll lose two girlfriends,be captured, tortured and forced to cook meth all in 2 years time, he hasn’t seen anything while as Kim as seen all she will. It shows what has been done and will be done

  20. I seen the episode, emotional tense and surprising, you’ll love it

  21. There’s no backstory per-say, just people noticed that Bob was following a feet account on Instagram and then unfollowed later on, people just caught on to it

  22. He’s not British, he’s Irish, but he’s a fantastic actor.

  23. In Quite A Ride, which came out in 2018, Bob is playing himself from 2013, so he’s playing 5 years younger then himself, and he had slimmed down in the later seasons of BB so he looks the same, he’s wearing a wig in BB season 5 so he wears the same one in BCS S4.

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