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  1. Glad to see no animals were harmed. Right before Memorial Day - Harambe's death anniversary

  2. That same area. That orb weaver doesn't bother me but attacks other players

  3. I built here before the game's full release. The whole time, I did not know you can get up there using the bat so I created an elevator straight up to the table

  4. Couple times I've had weapons drop without me noticing. Could be like you mentioned but luckily only completely misplaced a crossbow

  5. I've played it just fine on medium, mods on, no cryo tools.

  6. I replied to someone below this: The trick is I put a stem pillar behind the armor dummy, chose the appropriate pose and then positioned the anchor in between the pillar and the dummy. Then recycled the stem pillar.

  7. How did you attach the anchor up top? It’s only allowing me to attach to his head or face.

  8. It's finicky but the closer the dummy is to the pillar, the better

  9. Local garage sale, I wasn't even gonna pullover but the lady was so sweet and asked if I'd would like to look around.

  10. For me it's the weight. I feel like I've built some forearm muscle since I've been away from the Switch.

  11. Damn really didnt expect them to put Denuvo on these

  12. I'll be bringing my Steam Deck for the first time on a flight. Are you saying I cannot play this game on offline mode?

  13. But then more importantly surprised of how well the cabinet held up

  14. Lcd broke and I paid to fix it. They sent me a deck with a broken L1 so I sent it back. They returned to me the exact same unit with the exact same problem. The replacement for that had so many problems they had me send it directly to valve. The replacement for that one is my current deck and the right haptics pop when starting and make generally more noise then the left. Now they want me to send this back and wait another 3 or 4 weeks to get a working deck.

  15. I was thinking of sending mine back because of the haptics on the left track pad popping like you mentioned. I just lowered the sensitivity and it works out for me

  16. Imagine a space alien abducting you, putting you on a comfy bed, then curing your psoriasis and getting rid of a tapeworm you didn't know you had, then just putting you back in your house. That's what just happened to this sea turtle.

  17. Imagine this is what space aliens actually do. They abduct you and record themselves putting you back in your home for Outer-net points

  18. If you haven’t fertilized, start fertilizing. Do not give it a giant dose. Follow label instructions and maybe even go a little light the first fertilization or two. Some people recommend watering the plants and then fertilizing it following label instructions for periodic or constant feed.

  19. Just found out. Mealy bugs.... now I have to check all my plants but this one might be a goner

  20. Can you get a photo of the mealybugs? Who diagnosed it? Someone experienced?

  21. Yeah, I've had mealybugs in the past, little webs with white critters hiding in crevices of the plant. Used isopropyl alcohol and quarantined the plant. I didn't realize it at the time but noticed it when some of the leaves fell and exposed their hiding spots.

  22. I only installed Cryotools and that actually all made the difference.

  23. Factorio - I watched the sunset as if it was a time-lapse

  24. Did you just get used to the controls? I love Factorio on the computer but I simply can't adapt to the controls on the Steamdeck with it.

  25. I've mapped everything to my liking. Wouldn't say it's the best but works for me

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