1. "Hey sweetie, have you seen my--oh, oh! You're in the middle of something, sorry!"

  2. Well, this was a fun and funny story with an interesting and well expressed take on the dynamic between Delilah and her parents. Going with an all lesbian cast was an interesting choice too, considering the large number of partners available across all of the pairings. The interaction between Delilah and Isabel rings relatively true, given their particular circumstances, and it was fun to see the twist at the end. Thanks for responding to the prompt.

  3. I've never met a taco that was 6 inches thick.

  4. And yet it is essentially shaped like a wedge. You bite into the leading edge of it.

  5. WTF are you talking about? The dimensions of that sandwich is nothing like that of a taco.

  6. The strategy remains the same. You turn your head and you bite into the leading edge of it.

  7. There's no reason to assume They realized anything was amiss before they opened it.

  8. Is that tiny little wire enough to pull him back up?

  9. I love how they're all like "what just happened? This is... okay?"

  10. The best part is that capitalism is required for someone to be able to exchange a computer program for a life of luxury, which is what tech CEOs and investors are ultimatelly after. Every time I hear about one of them breaking capitalism I imagine them as beggars in a post-capitalism world screaming that this is not what they meant.

  11. Why would they beggars? They'll have already cashed out. It's everyone else who will have to worry about finding a job.

  12. If they've just cashed out and live in luxury while others look for a job, then they haven't broken capitalism. That's capitalism as usual.

  13. The ones with guns are robots whom you own. The robots that are doing all of the jobs also recognize your money because they've been programmed to.

  14. My dishwasher has been broken forever, so it's a storage box for clean pans and pots. If you're hand washing your dishes anyway, then I guess it's just a cabinet.

  15. Five guys kind of sits in the valley between fast food and burger joint, and I'd hesitate to call them fast food, though it's not a hill I'm going to die on. You pay a bit more but the quality of the food is fastly better than at McDonald's or Burger King or white castle or any other properly "fast food" restaurant.

  16. The Godfather. The movie has completely eclipsed the book, and really so

  17. It just comes right off, and everything always seems clean enough.

  18. That's one thing I just get behind in the Midwest. Cutting a round pizza into squares is just... Wrong

  19. She didn't even have to grill him. Throwing his friend under The bus was his first instinct.

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