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  1. I can't tell you how many Texas plates I have seen around recently. I've honestly been wondering what it is that has brought so many Texans up here to live.

  2. People from California moving to Texas drive them to our state. Differing political opinions and incompatible lifestyles didn't mix. They went for the next closest thing, which is us.

  3. We’re already here I work with several California transplants and meet Californians every time I go out.

  4. Dude this place is great I don't blame them a bit for coming over!

  5. BCA 7.62 side charger fired maybe a tenth of the time. Was disappointed but not surprised. Even with a enhanced firing pin & Wolff extra power hammer spring.

  6. Same exact thing happened to me but with ammo. Was firing issued stuff with my personal rifle on range day and had no issue, then I fired some old federal American eagle that I had in my basement for a long time and had constant failures to fire.

  7. One shot for any animal other than a moose.. they'll bleed out. Don't waste your bullets. One shot.. then follow them or wait (outside) and find them after.

  8. I don't know if it was a glitch, but Accurize2 pulled a one-shot headshot kill on a moose with the revolver in Ash Canyon on a playthrough he did. It's on YouTube. I'm pretty sure it was a critical hit chance or something, but I saw it on record so it is possible.

  9. I've done it myself in bleak inlet, not something you'd want to rely on though. I was between a rock and a hard place, timberwolves behind, losing daylight, trying to get out of the region with all the ammo. Up pops a moose between me and the exit.

  10. Oof! It's incredible how much your fate relies on a bit of luck in this game lol

  11. That actually looks really good and I wish I had one to try!

  12. Okay so civics get 30-40 mpg, the pathfinders get 20 at best. So there's that. Pathfinders also have a small gas tank (roughly 20ish gallons) for their engine size when compared to other small cars (Crosstrek with half the displacement and half the fuel consumption has a 17ish gallon tank).

  13. For a visual analogy: imagine a pressure washer. Let's say you have a 2hp motor on it.

  14. I'm so sorry, the picture is from Bavaria, the German Texas. I try to stay away from there.

  15. I've heard that in most of Germany you'll find typical Germans: logical, calculated, punctual beings with a knack for ensuring things are correct. Meanwhile, in the south, all they do is drink in their lederhosen with the silly hat feathers and yodel from the tops of mountains.


  17. Funny enough that article shows the old r51 pathfinder that doesn't have intelligent AWD - It has a standard 4x4 with 2-speed transfer case and open diffs with "traction control", and some of them came in 2wd for that generation. I know, I have that exact same one.

  18. I mean you go from East Cleveland and Collinwood (the two poorest neighborhoods in the greater Cleveland area) to Bratenahl (one of the richest) in one block. Two areas where cops are so busy chasing murderers and rapists and thieves that they can't be bothered with small-time violations. Compare that against a sleepy wealthy community where the cops really are mainly there for property checks and crossing guard duty, and they have time and a need to go after the smallest of violations to justify their existence.

  19. Jesus I envy you for just discovering this, I wish I could watch it anew all over again. Prepare yourself for a wild ride dude, it's an epic.

  20. "The most expensive and highest quality pair of chaps (or "insert-safety-gear-here") is less than a fraction of the cost of the cheapest ER visit.

  21. If I'm not mistaken the battery doesn't ever really "charge" unless you put a charge on it. It's mainly for the lights and blinkers, just so they don't overload the magneto.

  22. Like all "old sayings", this makes no fucking sense.

  23. In our state it's called a "crash". There are no accidents, only negligence.

  24. Ah yes, the professional turd. Glad you got to see one out on the road!

  25. As a kid we camped everywhere because we didn't have money for hotels.

  26. I built my first AR about five years ago out of PSA components. Still eats anything I feed it and his where I'm pointing. Can't complain and I'd imagine they've only gotten better since then.

  27. Bro I'd start with a bastard file if you're gonna do it.

  28. If you miss this opportunity to do a reliability test I'll be disappointed.

  29. A Dodge ram with a thin blue line American flag/punisher skull sticker and tinted windows.

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