1. Well so that's an interesting point that I agree with but doesn't take away with what the other person said. I think the main distinction is the shit wages.

  2. If everyone got paid 35 an hour to flip signs, all those jobs that actually pay 35 an hour seem kinda underpaid, no?

  3. I’ve been waiting 11 months now for sovereign marshal :’)

  4. The one anchor change is huuge. Its way better than what some people were suggesting as a nerf for him. The range on his trip is similar to KJ's alarmbot and makes Killjoy and Cypher a more feasible option.

  5. Exactly. People complaining that they nerfed him to oblivion and that he’s not viable now really just don’t know what they’re talking about. He was overpowered. Maybe not in low elo where people don’t know how to give and take map control. This makes chamber feel like a true sentinel. Cause let’s face it, majority of people who picked up chamber started playing him when their duelist gets locked. But people don’t play him like a sentinel and it sucks cause the team would be far better off with another sentinel depending upon the map. I think this will do a good job of encouraging the duelist chamber players to adapt their playstyle into a more aggressive defensive role or they’ll just pick another agent. They definitely took the cheese out of chambers kit imo.

  6. I doubt these nerfs will be "too much." The fact that he has a get out of jail free card at all is still worth a lot.

  7. Except it’s not a global trip now.

  8. Dang these things are fucking awesome

  9. TIR has been shit since day 1. I supported them day 1, went out and bought the worst hash I’ve ever had. They offered a replacement and where I was located in the valley; after that, silent. Then hit me up months later saying they’re fixing shit and that they’ll give me a sample. Never heard from them again. They’re a joke and they try to be “transparent” but it’s obvious they don’t care about patients and only care about money.

  10. This reminds me of some Turpin family shit

  11. Good clips but man that music is awful

  12. Maybe find out his favorite knife in game and find one on Etsy

  13. If you want to play, play. If you don’t, don’t. You won’t be far behind. Grind some range, dm, get your aim feeling back to normal. And no, matchmaking is still shit. But I think we take what we have for granted. Matchmaking could be so much worse like it is in other games, but we still complain.

  14. That sound is nostalgic

  15. For real. I never join old shows subreddits until I’ve finished the show. And if the show is ongoing, I don’t join until I’ve caught up.

  16. It’s hard to believe that these aren’t AIs

  17. Dragonmar has decent vod reviews

  18. Underrated tbh. I think a lot of people still think he is trash but the buffs to his flash and ult made him a lot more playable. Only thing missing from his kit is some sort of movement utility, which every other duelist has.

  19. Reyna also has no movement

  20. I feel like majority of the time when people are stuck this low constantly for this long, it’s either a hardware issue or a sensitivity issue.

  21. I had this problem and I think that it was less me looking at the map and more me not knowing what I’m looking at and when I should be looking at it. When I look at the map now, since I’ve developed a bit more game sense, at a quick glance of the map, looking at where teammates have died, what they’re holding, and how long the round has been, I can give myself a rough estimate of where the enemies could be. I don’t look at my minimap while I’m actively holding an angle.

  22. People are matched based on hidden MMR rather than their visible rank. So yeah, if someone smurfs, they play with higher rank players and gain much more RR for wins than they lose on loses. Also they most likely double rank up until they are roughly in their real rank

  23. This is an example of someone just playing on a Smurf account and fragging out every game. The mmr adjusts very quickly. That’s where people run into the problem of people throwing. I believe a lot of people afk and purposely throw to skew their mmr so that this doesn’t happen.

  24. Time • (effort+talent)

  25. I just literally fixed it, I downloaded the update for windows last night. Just uninstalled the update and it’s fixed.

  26. Okay I’ll try that, how do I uninstall the update

  27. I just saw a friend of mine post they bought the new mw2 for ps4 lol

  28. You can’t hear anything the enemy does during buy round and neither can they.

  29. Solo queue is a gamble and requires a strong mental. Muting goes a long way. There is a very big LFG discord that I’ve met tons of people through.

  30. https://discord.gg/valorantlfg

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