1. Deutsche bank is going down, because short sellers dont believe cocaine and hookers count as a liquid asset.

  2. Im not getting in on it until it folds.

  3. This used to be the proper politically correct terms for people of subaverage intellect back in the day.

  4. Can we get a wellness check on this guy?

  5. We use only the finest American Made synthetic Diamonds to hold these bags

  6. I like how they zoomed out and the graph turns green.

  7. 😂😂 that’s right. The batch disappears, does it mean someone took it?

  8. maybe. But the app will remove batches from your list to give you the impression that its all in demand and moving.

  9. I can’t believe we have poor soul to take the $7 before all expenses. I feel like it is better to work at any grocery store.

  10. Depends. The pay will almost certainly be bad -min wage or $15ish- for a newbie on the ground floor.

  11. I was about to say Id take this in a heartbeat, and then I saw the millage.

  12. Probably because the android and the iphone use different operating systems.

  13. stay at home and drink fireball mimosas and eat really good storebought pizza like me

  14. I would interpret 'blow one down' as take a drink with him.

  15. lol. I guess I'm just too old to be hip with the lingo that all the young tattoos.

  16. Just curious.. what’s the “skills” to thrive?

  17. The single most underrated thing you can do is engage with the customer.

  18. I just feel like as a 26 year old I shouldnt have this bad of heartburn so often.

  19. So what's the smartest regards here guess what will happen to FRC over the weekend. Go. Quick. I need a decision now.

  20. FRC up IF banks dont have major bad news over the weekend.

  21. I assume people know Im not working at any store, since I look like a beach bum.

  22. Ask them to give a thumbs up or down, customers laugh at that.

  23. 🤣 I love it when they have a sense of humor!

  24. I take pictures of clerks when I can.

  25. Thats the way to look at it. You cant let one bad detail ruin your mood.

  26. Unironically I do love to drive. It might have something to do with driving powerful cars, since I do like my muscle cars, but I also enjoy the rental little bmw. Was a zippy little thing

  27. lmao. I understand why but I think Id be totally interested still.

  28. We need a Scammer Flair for threads

  29. I really do wish insta would compare. No crap its missing, we didnt buy it and I refunded it in the store.

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