1. I really like the art style and how you paced it out. Got chills through a few parts of it. Would love if you include the part with the devil and the woman too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mexican tea, a species of Dysphania Also known as: Jesuit's tea Botanical name: Dysphania ambrosioides

  3. thank you very much! will be able to take care of it better now

  4. hello. idk if it's 9 related but i agree with this somewhat. i do enjoy situations that others perceive as stressful or uncomfortable.

  5. OH i relate to that to an extent. i HATE fighting. half the time, it makes me so angry or upset that i get sick and it lasts for HOURS because of how intense my emotions are (and people don't realize how it can totally ruin my day or even my week if it's really bad), or i just go numb and kind of enjoy it in a twisted way, not that i enjoy the fighting but in a sense of "ah, things are chaotic how they should be so now i don't have to wait for the ball to drop again."

  6. yooo i feel that like i already screwed up this or i'm already feeling meh so why not fully lean into it and revel in it!

  7. i'm decidely undecided about what to think of this. i feel like that makes snese

  8. you can always flail but ultimately you'll never fail

  9. what is your criteria for letting go of all the passionate ideas that is inherent with Ne / Fi?

  10. When it votes to mbti I'm a classic theory person so I don't believe in loops, however I relate to having too many interest and opinions. My criteria is simple: I only do things I naturally excel at. If I'm good at it I'll build on it. Sounds simple but it's very effective.

  11. cool thank you! this sounds like sage advice, let's see if i can incorporate it

  12. i consider your moving to a new area to be anwonderful opportunity. here you are unknown. so be you. be emphatically yourself. then the only people you will attract are people who genuinely connect with, or those who are fascinated by you, or those who are forced to interact with you.

  13. This is certainly what I believed for part of my journey. And for all I know, my journey could lead me back to that again.

  14. i don't think appeals to belief, or argumentum ad populum, is fallicious when applied to subjective matters such as art. i believe the line between subjectivity and objectivity becomes increasingly blurry the more one truly analyzes both of their essences.

  15. hey thank you for sharing! this post is very insightful

  16. hey! i'm an ENFP but would love to share a perspective.

  17. Thank you for your insight and kind words!🤍 It is really helpful and interesting. You are right, we are eachothers subconscious.

  18. of course, happy to offer what i can. again, the above is from a perspective with Fi in my stack. i understand discord can be challenging for an Fe auxiliary.

  19. i agree, we should give it out freely! real love, imo, is unconditional and without expectation.

  20. Hi! I'm so sorry for the late reply I haven't been on reddit in 2 months! Thank you so much for the comment! I am definitely going to be making more empath/energy/reiki/ videos very soon! I live in Toronto :) I spent a lot of time in the country the past few years and was going to move out of the city but for now I'm meant to be city bound! I can definitely relate to how you were feeling! Lack of energy is my one hurdle right now, so I'm trying to focus on balance and self care as much as possible so I can create the life and community I want <3

  21. i look forward to your videos! now conserve and focus that energy towards what matters most right now (you) :)

  22. i like this reply a lot! not an ENTJ myself fyi. considering how confident the ENTJs in this thread are about their ability to read others.

  23. yes, i'd say this is a good description of what i come across in many social interactions lately with people i perceive as sensors.

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