1. It's something I learned from watching comic book artists work digitally. The fill tool is very limiting and I find that it affects the way you think when you're lining something. If a line isn't closed, fill won't work. My art went through a sad phase when I assumed every line needed to be solid for fill tool. Polyline til I die.

  2. Are you on a computer? Go to Pinterest and look up "postman outfit". Its a good website for finding pictures that look good. Better than google anyway

  3. Huh? Why not do stick-figure blocking? There's absolutely no need to fully sketch shit. Five sticks, a circle, and a varient of a smily for the emotion. There's your pose, ten seconds.

  4. I did, with quicksketches!! I did so many timed quicksketches during life drawing education that I find them most comfortable while also showing character. They basically are stick figures. They take 30 seconds. Also imo there's a lot that goes into a pose that can't be described with the 5 lines and a circle that you offer.

  5. It’s so hard to say. I find personal commissions extremely challenging for all of the reasons you mention. I think in this case, as the person is otherwise very nice, tread lightly, and gently but firmly set your boundaries. It’s the back and forth you talk about the drove me insane. Now, I mostly do things like have a week where I do something like simple portraits for x amount of money each. Since it’s essentially a fire sale, I bang out a ton of them over the course of that week. Since people know they’re getting a bargain, they are happy. I wind up making a lot more, and with less stress than making more per work with endless discussion. I only do this once a year or so, but it always seems to work out. It’s also made me a better artist.

  6. Ah so you create the paintings and then offer them for sale, rather than bespoke painting for each client? Glad to hear that it's working out better for you! Being an NSFW artist the closest I could think to that concept is Adoptables. I have always wanted to try making and selling them but it's a leap into the unknown

  7. This goes for any skill/hobby, tbh. Chances are people just don't know what you're on about. It's important to make sense to people and consider who's listening when you make convo. Stuff like head proportions and "anyone can draw" I could see being super hard to respond to as a layman. It's not really important outside of drawing. Keep in mind this is your personal interest, you have a biased perspective of how interesting this stuff is. I have to hold my tongue a lot too.

  8. I like it :) when you do solid colours like the hair you should try to keep all your strokes the same angle/direction. Think about the tool markmaking and how you could paint the strokes uniformly. It takes a little more perfection but hopefully you'll see much smoother blocks of colour! No stress about it though, keep calm and the relaxation shows through in your work!

  9. Does look like a lotta work to fill in those big areas with such a small nib

  10. Right ear perspective is weird, the lower side of the ear should be closer to the facein a diagonal line (hard to explain, look for some references, Dane Dehaan looks similar).

  11. The ear looks fine to me, they vary widely from person to person

  12. What worked for me is keeping a schedule for posting online. Having an audience, even if it's 2 people, gives me a feeling of friendly accountability. Also commissioners will notice consistent uploads and have more faith in taking you on

  13. What sort of platforms do you post on? I’m only on instagram. And I’m definitely not consistent or have a consistent upload schedule. I think that’s a great idea, I’m gonna work on doing that!

  14. Deviantart, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit! There's also artstation and if you make anime type stuff, Pixiv. Discord servers too. I do it mainly so commissioners can see that I'm active. But it's turned out to be super helpful for my art.

  15. Depends on if you've meaningfully transformed it or not. Then it will fall under fair use. There have been a few cases where (famous) artists have been sued for infringement for not meaningfully changing anything about their reference. I've also seen internet artists fall into drama for painting 1:1 selfies and not crediting the subject.

  16. I don't know if Proko did something wrong with his promotion, because everyone journeys so close to his Free Figure Drawing Fundamentals course yet never actually learns about it's existence.

  17. Yes, I've done those courses. Even the premium ones. The figure drawing course is good in its own way. However, I had to do some of my own self teaching since I didn't feel like I really learned much from it alone. I see his videos more as a useful beginning guide. Like, I feel it's good for beginner artists who feel like they struggle on knowing where to start, as well as exercise suggestions. Also introduces you to flow and gesture. I've also done some other observational drawing courses and it's important to understand.

  18. Oops, sorry. I assumed that you had done these anatomy videos first as the FDF course goes over some issues you're having. Do you have any other figure stuff we can see? Because from what I have seen, which I think are just quick gesture drawings, i would say they're not as perfected as your bone studies!

  19. You post here a lot but never seem to give us any kind of goal, statement or idea of what you want out of this drawing. It's cute, you're obviously pretty skilled, but I never ever know what to say to these vague "what to improve" questions

  20. As well I bet it's difficult to continue drawing when so many spaces on the internet hate NSFW content, all it takes is one policy change and your business is gone.

  21. It is fun! Just, in the way that a *job* is fun, yknow. I really needed a vent about the "job" parts. I felt better as soon as i pressed submit. Didn't expect all the engagemnt

  22. Agreed! Just trying to talk more in depth to help paint a bigger picture to those in the "thinking about it" phase

  23. Amazing idea which I would love to be extended to tablets and art software

  24. SMOOTH PATCH. someone give me a megaphone so I can scream about how much the SMOOTH PATCH completely revolutionised my Sims 3 game and every single player needs it

  25. What needs to be fixed? Where is the kid going to store all their supplies for creating great art? I mean you need life skills & that includes being presentable.. but this type of behavior by parents creates neurotic kids. Wife passing on her neurosis to the kids. Take the uptight down a notch.

  26. Man if I showed you what Marie Kondo would do to that unit, you would be amazed and eat your words

  27. The truth is for some people, the need to organize everything in your room (or life) with labels is very stressful, and for some it’s a necessity that makes them feel at ease.

  28. I was just commenting against the neuroses thing that oc above me said - it's not necessarily a bad thing to want to be organised and people like Marie Kondo have shown you can see it as a calming force rather than neurotic "uptight"-ness

  29. This shit makes me mad not laugh at all. But I bet this is her grandson which I hear is a whole other world. I can't wait for grandkids pretty sure deep down I had kids just for the grand kids. But that little stinker would be sitting for not listening!

  30. If me or my mom try and discipline her grandchild it runs the risk of making things a bit awkward with grandchilds dad. And also I've unsuccessfully tried telling him off for things that his dad allows. Grandkid doesn't listen unless it's continued, consistent messaging from his dad.

  31. Excuse me, I spend time on Reddit and I am a literal princess 👑

  32. Colonoscopy prep is so brutal that I don't understand why anyone would actually purposely not follow the guidelines and risk having to do it all again. Eugh.

  33. Learning anatomy first is a terrible idea with all due respect, anatomy is one of the most complex subjects

  34. In my eyes, there's anatomy and there's figure drawing. Figure drawing should come first and you don't necessarily need to understand anatomy in depth yet - gesture, landmarks, mannequins, balance, overall shapes. Then you start learning the intricacies once you are comfortable with figures in general

  35. Draw every day. Transpose that to whatever medium you choose.

  36. I had a recent epiphany about lineart. I've been at it for about 4 years and only last week put out a lined drawing I'm happy with.

  37. A robot is good at stealing work from others and then mishmashing it into something cold and heartless. It's good at skirting copyright and obeying the orders of talentless tech bros.

  38. Don't know where my life would be without a good PC. Although I will say I have an extremely hard time as seeing it as "fun" anymore!

  39. More info would be great. I'll assume that your wishes been outright ignored and have already tried all avenues of communication

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