1. The records can still be found. For example, you can find Goob's deleted account bullying posts

  2. I want it to be searchable- so when it happens again, there’s a public record. So I think if I delete the post goes away?

  3. I think I set up everything properly so history remains and I’ll be permanently logging out. Being chronically online these past 1.5 days is too much. I don’t regret calling out Goob for his long history of hating fat people. I do, however want to return to my peaceful life and being offline.😅 Everyone be safe- this WILL happen again, esp to any women.

  4. Does anyone know how to link a photo in the comments section!? I got DMed a racial slur, I posted about it twice, but took it down after some reflection- I want it embedded so random scrollers don’t see the ugliness

  5. i mean he’s not famous and it seems like we’re all disillusioned with influencers anyway, so what’s the worst that could happen? an unknown-to-the-masses bodybuilder blocks us on instagram? lol the second any of it turns to body shaming his entire facade falls apart

  6. He’s “famous” to people who are deeply/chronically online and that’s it. None of this has really impacted my sense of security, relationships, or my tiny online presence. Aside from today, I usually try to be offline as much as possible- same for my loved ones and social circle. My tiny following of friends, acquaintances, and drunk girls I befriended in the bathrooms at bars 😂, has no clue what’s going on. My job is in a niche field that’s impossible to enter, and full of older people who associate instagram w their children.

  7. Lol I don’t think unhinged is the same as calling people out for bullshit. Like it or not, Goob has never posted a story or video that wasn’t factually based.

  8. I think unhinged is getting so angry about an instagram comment that you call them via IG and scream at them for 20 mins.

  9. He doxxed a couple users lately for being overly snarky. Also claimed to have never body shamed which is funny af to me cause his first account got deleted for body shaming a random lady at Starbucks and all obese people in general.

  10. I got doxxed for calling him out for fat shamimg 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t think my history is super snarky- I even defended Megsfit against AndiRae when she accused her of faking being an abuse victim

  11. I thought maybe like the mods were deleting them so i was nervous to post about it but I was so invested 😂

  12. Nothing has happened, a lot of follow requests- which I post less than once every few months- and some DM hate, to which I responded with the link to my favorite local charity.

  13. Make sure to purchase the MakeupForever HD stick foundation- pick two shades, one for the perimeter to match your tan more, and one for the center which is your face color. It photographs flawlessly and lasts all day. I also strongly recommend Ben Nye’s final seal to keep everything in place all day

  14. Yes-I notice that EVERYONE is an expert these days.

  15. Yes! It’s so predatory- I get that coaches don’t need to be pros to coach or compete, but having someone whose nutrition experience is being coached for a prep and then advertising themselves as a coach is crazy.

  16. Question- are you taking hot showers and not moisturizing?You could have ruined your moisture barrier by showering too much, having dry skin, and not letting your natural oils stay

  17. I have a friend who is doing her dissertation on this- a lot of it is the bootstraps mindset. A lot of fitness people equate being physically fit with being successful- you see a lot of before and afters where literally nothing has changed in their life (job wise, relationship wise, etc) except for them getting skinny. But it’s hailed as a giant transformation because they’re now skinny and acceptable. They “pulled themselves up by the bootstraps” in order to lose the weight and equate being fit and in control of your body as the ultimate success. Fat people are considered lazy because they don’t pull themselves up and go to the gym, and therefore aren’t successful in their eyes (even though those fat people may have better careers, lives, and relationships)

  18. This is fascinating. It blows my mind how people think they have reached enlightenment or that they have endless expertise because they’ve managed to lose weight.

  19. Even more interesting is how fatness has been weaponized politically. The right stereotypes the left as being fat/lazy because they advocate for social policies. Under this weaponization, Democratic women are fat and lazy, and thus whatever they say is wrong. Republican women who occupy prime time are skinny and attractive, thus their opinions are more valuable. The left stereotypes the right as fat/stupid by evoking images of white trash and appalachia. Think fat person in a scooter at Walmart in a dirty white t shirt. Thus, they are stupid and uneducated. And the far left uses fatness as a weapon against the right with white trash stereotypes and the left by being fat and ignorant- hence the rise of “swoletariat” propaganda.

  20. Yeah, it’s absolutely insane. There are coaches and fitness influencers who are completely unqualified to give health advice giving stupid at best, and harmful at worst, health and medication advice.

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