1. I think you're doing something wrong. I've disabled it on both Nvidia Shield Pro and Tube models (2019) and the setting has stuck.

  2. Nope. I have not tried that one. If the alternate mapping option doesn't retain the setting. Will take a look. Cheers

  3. That's the only app that worked for me on both Shields.

  4. lol... he kinda dropped the ball on the Marner goal, so I don't blame him.

  5. Jey's going to get booted from the bloodline.

  6. Yup MWC for $9.99 prior to Black Friday. The sale didn't last very long. You had to up early in the morning to get it.

  7. Hulu's deal was $1/month last year. My sub just ended last month. $1.99/month isn't terrible though.

  8. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones, but my 8T upgraded to 12 with no issues. I have the KB2007 variant for T-Mobile.

  9. Same... but I converted my KB2007 to the global version and did a factory reset after installing OOS12. There were bugs in OOS12 on the OP8T, but nothing significant enough to affect my daily usage. OOS13 was a huge improvement in some aspects.

  10. if you're mainly interested in better cameras, it would be a real upgrade is you go to 9pro, because between the cameras of the 8t and the 9 there is no much difference, as a matter of fact 8t has optical stabilization and 9 doesn't, also for instance regarding hardware, 8t has aluminum frame and 9 has plastic, so it depends on your budget, though these days are good offers, if you get a 9pro for a really good price near to the price of 8t or 9, go for it, but if you find an 8t and a 9 for same price, I would choose the 8t, also check on the versions, for 8t, EU version (Kb2003) is better than others out there, less reported issues, though updates get late for kb2003 when updates are released for kb2003 are much more stables than for other versions.

  11. I have the both the 8T (TMO) and the 9, and I opted for the minor upgrade to the 9. The 8T build quality is better, but that's moot if you use a case with your phone. Even though the 9 has a plastic build, it's pretty durable if you check durability tests.

  12. I think we’ve found where Tyrus learned his high flying skills from.

  13. It was hilarious just watching OMG roll over and die after that failed high risk attempt.

  14. Let me think a bit, I could trade Pearl for Underwater, but I need to see the rest of the offers.

  15. Sorry, I sold all my copies of Pearl. Maybe next time.

  16. Felt bad for Rey there. It was like watching Scrooge give an ass whooping to tiny Tim.

  17. Damn... Charlie Conway fell on some hard times after dropping out of school and leaving the Ducks.

  18. That's odd... only new phones or refurbs should come with OOS11. Are you sure it's the same phone you sent them?

  19. lol... I got a OnePlus 1-5 Series box this morning. $13CAD plus tax shipped.

  20. Interested in Pearl and Vudu Credit.

  21. That would never happen in Edmonton. The food's too damn expensive!

  22. Just received a new OP9 that came with OOS11 installed. I had to install a more recent version of OOS11, then OOS12, and finally OOS13. There was a total of three updates I needed to install. Since the OP9 was brand new, I did a factory reset after I got to OOS13.

  23. Was expecting to find a green riders jersey.

  24. Interested in Coco if it's still around.

  25. Anyway you’d do both fantasias? They don’t have to be the full codes either it can be split

  26. Thanks, don't see anything I want.

  27. I opted for the OP9 from AliExpress and received it yesterday. I went with that because of the price, performance, and that it's a bit newer than that OP8T I was using. So far the experience is similar to the OP8T on OOS13, and fortunately I haven't experienced any of the issues people had with OOS12. It seems like many of the issues were fixed in OOS13, which means it's probably safe to buy a OP9 now. Oh, and the OP9 automatically connected to my provider's 5G network. I had to manually connect the OP8T to my provider's 5G network after every reboot/restart.

  28. I guess Ali's become a jobber during the Triple H era.

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