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  1. fsw says:

    RTFM before asking questions.

  2. fsw says:

    Essentially, you have to live together in Germany for at multiple years (three?) before your partner can get an independent residence permit. Before that time, the permit is linked to you living together.

  3. fsw says:

    There is no EU law that forbids including a charger.

  4. fsw says:

    Sure. Can you link it?

  5. Oh okay. This is quite strange for me to read actually. The reason being the following: There's a graphics library I've been using for a while called raylib. When I build raylib as a static library, I usually build it in release mode. And then for my actual applications (i.e. in different solutions/projects) it works in both configurations. I have no clue why that is.

  6. fsw says:

    Probably because it is in C and not C++, thus the interface is the same. In C++, there's often (and certainly in MSVC) differences in the interfaces between Debug and Release builds.

  7. I'm glad to see Conan 2.0 will include CMake generators that do not require the CMake files to be aware of Conan. Hopefully that means the generated target names match the upstream names, so users can use their preferred package management strategy.

  8. fsw says:

    I'm pretty sure transparent integration in CMake was already possible with the cmake_find_package generator in Conan 1.4.0 from 2018.

  9. My husband is Syrian. He joined a soccer club in Munich and was shocked that everyone showered naked after practice. He said he never saw so many naked men.

  10. fsw says:

    In Germany, a company that want to reduce its workforce cannot arbitrarily chose which employees to lay off, so the process will be different. They have to select the employees by social criteria, e.g. how long they've been employeed, age, number of children, ... (search for "Sozialauswahl" for details).

  11. fsw says:

    Number of dependent children. In short, the more people you have to support with your salary, the better are the chances of keeping your job.

  12. Tell that to my subscription to YouTube Premium, which just almost doubled in price per month.

  13. fsw says:

    You're not allowed to terminate your YouTube Premium subscription?

  14. curious how is it decided whether you get 2 or 12 months off (or anywhere in between) of parental leave?

  15. fsw says:

    You get up to 3 years of (unpaid) parental leave during which you keep your job. Per kid the parents share up to 14 months of paid parental leave that they can divide between themselves however they want (2/12 months being very common).

  16. fsw says:

    URLs mit Umlauten sehen so "unter der Haube" aus. Hier die lesbare Version:

  17. Sadly come up every single time you visit a website. Plus the reject button is always hidden away. The EU has created a situation where citizens are effectively forced to accept cookies and they’ve slowed down web navigation.

  18. fsw says:

    Web developers have created this situation. EU law requires that rejecting cookies is just as easy as accepting them.

  19. Then they need to enforce their legislation because the law is being broken. If they don’t enforce it then they might as well not have it.

  20. Release two versions of iOS: one with no security or more than bug fix updates, but completely open for other app stores, etc.; the other as it has always been, with attention paid to the App Store to get the crapware off. Let the market decide.

  21. fsw says:

    It's already illegal in the EU to not provide security updates for your products.

  22. Of course we do have the system, unfortunately Bolsonaro and Lula are too powerful and above the law to be sent to jail

  23. fsw says:

    Lula was sent to jail. Are we just ignoring reality now?

  24. fsw says:

    You can't because if it's UB you cannot know if z is modified.

  25. Managed to do my taxes pretty much all digital but at the end had to print shit and send by post!

  26. fsw says:

    If you digitally sign your tax declaration, you do not need to send anything by post. See

  27. Thanks, will try! Supposed to work with Tax Software as well, let's see.

  28. fsw says:

    It should with all the popular ones. You can also use your Personalausweis with eID function if you have a card or NFC reader (e.g. modern cellphone). It doesn't even need to be activated via mail or anything.

  29. Germany had not just the same party but the same leader for 16 of the last 20 years (Merkel), does it make them not a democracy?

  30. fsw says:

    Germany always had coalitions so it's not correct to say the same party was in power. Merkel and her party were in three coalitions during that time: from 2005-2009, 2009-2013, and 2013-2021.

  31. most of what other's said is correct. however you don't need citizenship to be a civil servant. what bothers me personally is not the voting, but the impermanence of it. I believe PR has to be renewed regularly, whereas a citizenship is a one time deal. it's a bit odd to commit to living here if I can't guarantee I'll be able to stay long term. I know that in practice it will be fine with a PR, but people need to feel safe psychologically to be happy

  32. fsw says:

    You don't need to renew permanent residency (hence permanent). You just need to transfer it to a new passport every few years.

  33. fsw says:

    Something like that already exists:

  34. fsw says:

    Different aspect ratios.

  35. fsw says:

    It's actually very easy when you're using shared libs (.so) because that's their purpose.

  36. Is this one of those metric vs nonmetric issues, I suppose, where the numbers don't line up?

  37. fsw says:

    No, both are metric:

  38. Not quite. "h", "gu", and "qu" break the rules on phonetics. They are/have silent letters. But I agree with the spirit of your post, it's much better. Better still is when you can use an alphabet that was explicitly designed to represent the sounds of your own language. Sequoiah's syllabary is an example. I believe the Korean characters are another example, or were at one point.

  39. fsw says:

    You should add a snake.

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