1. The sorbitol is labeled as an inactive ingredient right? How can you find dosage info? I dug out an empty bottle of robotussin cough gels from my last trip and it has sorbitol and sorbitol anhydrous listed, but I can't even find how much is in there on Google. Idk if it helps any but I've gone up to ~2400 mgs on these with no problem. I've never had a problem with any brand that had DXM as the only active ingredient, I wish I could compare for you but I just can't find any info on the sorbitol amounts, I'll keep looking.

  2. Start low and raise your dose, there's nothing more to it. If someone is too lazy to do tha then datura isn't for them.

  3. It just seems like that's more poison going into ur body I'd rather just do a dose that will be delirious one time rather then slowly poison myself over a long period of time, that being said these seeds r about a year old so from what I've read they probably have barely any potency left

  4. Don't think so. There's a comparative available only by prescription. Classic Aus.

  5. Is the robitussin dry cough forte drought still happening aswell? If u know

  6. There's no info online about it apart from a few reddit posts and they're outdated aswell the situation could have changed im not seeing robotablets on ebay anymore so I think they're really cracking down on it

  7. There almost isn't one, this is Australia even if it is self defence if u use a weapon ur likely to get charged for it, our weapon laws r awful

  8. Jesus man, you took a lot. The LD50 (lethal dose) for MDMA is around 2g. That means 50% of people who take a 2g dose will die, and you think you took more than that.

  9. Damn I took 3.5gs once, I didn't know at the time how much i was playing with fire

  10. For antipsychotics? For me, I am definitely far worse off. For meds in general, like Lamictal for my mood stabilizer, it has improved my life.

  11. I want benzodiazapines for my very severe anxiety but instead they strictly only give antidepressants and antipyschotics, the antipyschotics in particular are very harmful even more so then benzos, benzos can be used safe and effectively or atleast should an option be used in severe cases of anxiety (not satire lmao)

  12. Late, but I've had some experiences with it. Nausea can be kinda bad cause of the taste, but subsides fast. Kicks in around 5-10 minutes. Pretty good overall. Might be worth extracting if taking higher doses, but I couldn't figure out any easy ways to do it

  13. Evee tried drinking multiple bottles? If imma try it imma try drink atleast 2 bottles so i can try get as much out of it as I can since it's so short lasting anyway

  14. Went through medicann and was completely honest, I’ve been prescribed anti depressants and benzos for sleep/anxiety/depression(duh) and no longer want to take them due to side effects etc. $99 initial consult got prescribed a day and night with one repeat. $135 for the sativa and $150 for the indica. Was a little pricey to get started but I’ll never ever buy street weed again.

  15. How on earth did u get benzos for sleep I can't even get them for severe anxiety

  16. Been seeing the same GP for 15+ years, I can virtually say “can I have” and I’ll probably get it.

  17. I think it will be because so much of what is said about diphenhydramine, on places like this subreddit, is either grossly exaggerated or just flat out wrong. It’s actually no more neurotoxic than a ton of other things available in a pharmacy.

  18. Why do people swallow /huff urinal cakes💀

  19. Lol I guess Ur right. I wouldn't take bennies Along but wouldn't mind some wit dxm. Try orphenadrine bro it's a muscle relaxant/deliriant/dissociative. A gram will knock Ur socks off, Ive seen cunts teleport though walls in the middle of the street and shit 😂

  20. The yellow makes these look like gallerina to me (deadly poisonous)

  21. To be fair I am in Australia have found liberty caps, pan cyans, Ps. azures, cyans, subbs, albino subbs and cubensis I have a fair bit of experience in the field of active mushrooms and identifying them I am not denying that if you are an experienced hunter you would not have an issue identifying this but I have seen pan cyans that do have a similar appearance to this when wet this is why I suggested waiting for blueing because I personally have seen mushrooms grow far away from the natural parameters of where you are meant to find them

  22. you have to activate the thc with heat, if not it won't hit, so you shouldn't worrie

  23. I'd rather be surprisingly high then surprisingly sober

  24. What are the doses that cause delirium?

  25. The being delirious but knowing u are is exactly what I'm after, and that's okay I appreciate the info u gave I only asked abiyt dosages bc there's hardly any info online I've checked all posts on that subreddit and all the info I can find online and most ppls answers seem to be different (which makes sense bc everyones different but still)

  26. How does datura metal differ from normal datura?

  27. It has more scoplamine (the less worse feeling chemical) then strammanium (ik I spelt that wrong lol) but other then that it's more potent then all species of datura by a lil bit not a great deal

  28. Paint worms. They breed and spread on the shelves at Bunnings when they don’t get cleaned enough, so you should always boil your paint in a pot with water before opening it so that all the eggs are killed by the heat.

  29. I haven't been able to get a true trip out of nutmeg, it's one of those super finicky substances. I actually haven't tried very many things unfortunately!

  30. Tramadol Redwine and Diazepam (best combo)

  31. Aluminium is not the problem with using a coke can. Aluminium is perfectly safe to smoke out of, and smoking equipment is frequently made from it, for example, downstems and pipes. There’s no evidence linking alzheimers or parkinsons to aluminium. Coke cans, or any soft drink can however are still really bad to use because they have a plastic lining to prevent reactions between the aluminium and liquid inside. You’re smoking plastic if using a coke can cone piece

  32. I smoked out of a coke can cone piece for years😔

  33. Be proud my man. My best ever tightest smoothest bong was a masterfoods bbq sauce bottle with a hose stem & a coke can cone. Never be ashamed of where you came from. 💪🏼

  34. Dude, please shut up. Just enjoy drugs like normal users do and stop acting like you're a prophet. Nobody thinks you're deep or spiritual; just a weirdo that gets their outlook on life from a fucking anesthetic drug.

  35. As you should if you profess shit to others without respecting others subjective thought. We all do it, but t some point you get that others don't like hearing about how amazing acid or other drugs are.

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