1. This challenge had the criteria hidden as a gimmick. It was based off the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and you had to figure out what to do based on things that happened in the movie.

  2. She is but of all the adopted grandkids she hates me most. Munira (pictured second from the bottom) was adopted after her. Sigh.

  3. I think we should be able to just take the car out for a drive the same way we can fly our planes and ride our jet ski. I’ve had a McLaren for 60+ years and I don’t even know if my guy likes driving it.

  4. Please properly follow our rules on rune submissions, and read the automated message under your post. It's not too hard!

  5. Meanwhile me G1 RTA without a single ld5, no seara/cp/jeogun/karnal/oliver/dominic…. Farming all crystals i can…

  6. Dangg how long have you been playing? 2 great ld5 while being f2p is crazy

  7. I break sticks of bread in half on purpose then blame it on Sysco so I can get a credit

  8. I just loooove that you included albinism in this!! 🥰😍 this cc is beautiful!

  9. So a real person in this case didn’t have a miscarriage. Also, nobody cares about your personal experiences when it comes to a fictitious game about life. Nobody made a joke either. That’s just how you took it. Take your sensitivities somewhere else, you’re not getting sympathy here.

  10. 1 how long did it take 2 what do I have to study to go to law school

  11. I studied English and it took like 50 years to get to the top. I was a lawyer before I became a magistrate.

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