1. The number of humans isnt the problem, its capitalism and the accompanying wasteful consumption.

  2. You're gonna get a lot of pushback on this comment by internalized Malthusian self-loathing, but you're right. People don't want to believe that under the proper social order we could manage even a billion or so more in an ecologically sound fashion, the hope hurts too much.

  3. We do require resources. And we do, at the very least, transform our environments necessarily. But that transformation does not need to be destructive in summary. It can even be constructive - In ecological terms, an increase in biodiversity and biologically productive environments - If we are careful, observant, and operate under an appropriate set of social incentives. The fallacy that we can only ever be destructive is the internalized Malthusianism I was referring to. Now, is this a tendency that we humans are socialized toward? No. Is this a tendency we are inclined toward naturally, historically? Also no, for the most part. But, is this within our human capabilities, even on a global scale? Absolutely.

  4. Is this an actual map? Trolleys climbing up the now-Adidas hill on Greeley Ave after passing over Going St must have looked so cool.

  5. If you think I'm a bot I'd imagine you looked at my very recent post history where I

  6. No, I didn't look at your post history. It's the fact you seem incapable of ascertaining context.

  7. Hey there, maybe take it down a notch. It's not personal. Or at least, it shouldn't be.

  8. Yes. Sadly we have different regulations in the US.

  9. But I assume you'd be supportive of reforms to those regulations that prevent boaters from towing their crafts behind more practical automobiles? Misguided regulations pushing individuals and businesses toward larger and larger vehicles is a very common theme here in the states, so it doesn't really surprise me in this context at all.

  10. D.O.T. and D.M.V. already regulate how one tows a trailer. Consumer demand drives the market, not the other way around. If people need to tow 12,000 pounds a tiny truck just isn't going to perform.

  11. Seems to work fine overseas, often in places where bans on these types of trucks have told consumers to pound sand.

  12. Wow that's terrifying. Time to find out how to turn off microphone access for apps and web browsers- Also really scary if it was my friends phone because how did that phone know it was me who said it??

  13. I really think the most likely culprit is the store you bought it from or your credit card selling your data. In that case figuring out who you are is easy, your name is right there.

  14. Oh I had no idea our devices and even credit cards could do stuff like that. Thanks for teaching me about it, it explains this whole sponge situation. I figured out how to turn off microphone usage so I'm doing that now. I doubt there's much way to deal with the location though. Oh and that reminds me, my friend has an Amazon Alexa. I bet that could do it too couldn't it? I knew those things were suspicious. Anyway thanks for the info!

  15. Alexas are basically telescreens from 1984. They're just a corporate spy sitting in your home. If there was an Alexa or similar "assistant" present then all bets are off.

  16. I got a shock white streak of hair above my right ear from stress one year that actually looks pretty neat.

  17. Is it possible that D&R are in actual trust/cartel contract and always have been? Asking for a friend.

  18. There is no grand conspiracy, if that's what you're asking. That is what is so uniquely incredible, horrifying, and inexorable about capitalism: It's holistic entanglement of economic forces, ie incentives to power, virtually guarantee the infiltration of it's regime into every facet of life where there is any bit of control to be wrested out. As a consequence, any political party that can maintain any meaningful power is inevitably corporatist, serving financial interests first. There does not need to be any secret agreement between Republicans and Democrats. While they brand their platforms differently and compete for individual achievements and honors, they simply come to the table serving the same monetary interests as a function of our runaway economic regime.

  19. There are no literal good cops, but I believe the popo call this act "Good cop bad cop".

  20. If you were confused why congress is making such a big deal about TikTok... Well now you know.

  21. So he’s putting his personal interests and the interests of the republican party above the national security interests of the country? If you believe it is a real threat to the US, shouldn’t you be willing to put yourself at risk to protect it? Thats what they expect soldiers to do.

  22. This is sarcasm, right? The only reason that congress is banging the drums to ban TikTok is because it would be their final justification for passing the RESTRICT Act that they would do so under, the language of which has the potential to allow for limitless domestic wire spying, the banning of VPNs, the covert installation of spyware on private systems, and harsh prison sentences for private individuals who violate it's mandates. The US needs water tight individual privacy protections like they've been enacting in the EU, not arbitrary bans of specific foreign corporations that provide cover for the complete erosion of your personal data privacy.

  23. OP you gotta do your research! This does not work as a "same picture" meme. The cartoon on the left is dramatizing the very real danger of early DC power networks. DC power requires incredibly high voltages to be delivered over a distance, and it's last mile delivery into homes was licensed out to dozens if not hundreds of small local electric companies who did not agree on any one standard voltage. The result looked literally like the electric pole in the cartoon, with hundreds of wires strung over the streets clouding out the sky, and all it took was a lineman mixing up two wires to accidentally send 5,000 volts down into your mom's 24 volt hair dryer. A lot of people were suddenly killed in their homes this way, and it's one of the big reasons that we switched over to AC power delivery.

  24. "PENN 15" must be some marketing thing right?

  25. The tenants play a game where they all go to the rooftop and take turns trying to scream the name of the building louder than the person before them screamed it.

  26. The AI race is literally tech giants trying to undermine each other's business models with new types of automation, so obviously some tech leaders are begging it to be stopped. I really don't think it impacts the public much either way, beyond a segment of tech jobs that are on the line and the public having to get used to the impoverished quality of automated output that replaces them. Both all the hype and all the fear-mongering coming out of this wave of software tech are projections of business PR. Just capitalism automating it's way down to the bottom, as always.

  27. See there you go again with the personal remarks. I'm not contesting you because you obviously can't handle your shit on an internet forum. You'd be a fucking tiger in the board room, though. I'm trying to see the bright side, here.

  28. I spoke to a coworker about this awhile back. He explained it to me this way...your generation is dying out or sunsetting. Mine is not interested in living to work...we work to live.

  29. I'm a little confused by the mix of information. So it's part of a national wildlife refuge, but I suppose that obviously doesn't mean private businesses can't operate in the refuge? The owner is 78 years old, but she's looking to pump $1.5 million into it for the investment opportunity? And somehow she got 5 people to risk their lives to clean it up for her... For free? People's passions are just that I guess, but IMO it's best use would be letting it return to nature.

  30. Vomit to lava?? Get King Gizzard in here to write a song!

  31. It's about doing what you reasonably can to avoid animal exploitation. In a society that is inextricably interconnected and steeped in that exploitation, 100% avoidance is impossible for most. You're just like the rest of us and you're doing just fine.

  32. fucking pigs spending more fucking money and shooting people’s kids

  33. Someone with free time should wait a block down from these stings and hand out pamphlets of anti-cop propaganda to anyone who gets ticketed.

  34. You're not comparing apples to apples.

  35. This is fair, but it should also be noted that 40 years ago the Netherlands was an absolute carmaggedon, and activists managed to leverage the outrage and reaction to the child deaths and pollution into a national campaign to transform their infrastructure. It was complicated. It wasn't cheap, and it took decades to complete. But now having achieved 100% infrastructure totality to a degree that it is realistically accessible to just about anyone, I don't think any observer would deny that it was all worthwhile. I guess what I'm saying is that the complications, expense, and socioeconomic differences here in the US shouldn't be considered an impasse to us working toward the same but rather par for the course, something that can be and has been surmounted. And also, that the Netherlands should be considered inspiration, and not something to try imitating in complete parity. Per the national differences you noted, anything sustainable that we arrive at would inevitably look different in the end than it does over there. That doesn't mean we can't find sustainable low-impact transportation solutions for everyone.

  36. From my own experience having less of encampments on paths and having dedicated cycling paths would get more people cycling.

  37. This is the hard truth. I am against things like sweeps but I cannot deny that encroachment of camps onto and around the commuter paths absolutely kills people's willingness to use them.

  38. If you wanna stick it to these poultry and egg corporations, go look for egg alternatives. The best ones are made from lentils (Like mung bean). The taste is almost there, they're competitive on price these days, they scramble up beautifully, they can act as replacement for eggs in a recipe, only thing they can't really do is fried with the yolk intact as obviously there is no yolk. And best of all, no animal cruelty! They usually come as both a liquid or a pre-cooked pattie for sandwiches.

  39. This is horrendous. What the hell is going on over there? It's like watching one of Mr. Burns evil schemes on the Simpsons.

  40. And the most mind-boggling part is that this has been going on for a very very long time, it's just recently starting to get more widely reported. I think partially because of an actual uptick in incidents post-COVID, but mostly because we're really at the ecological tipping point now and the US public is starting to real feel that (Other parts of the world have been in the thick of it for a while already).

  41. Why the fuck does the world still care so much about cannabis?

  42. They're not "banning TikTok" because it violates your privacy. They're banning it because it is competition. (Only we can spy on you)

  43. They're "banning" it because doing so would justify passing RESTRICT. Essentially congress isn't rallying to ban TikTok right now, they're rallying to erode the rights of Americans even further.

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