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  1. Hi. I've done exactly this for my mother-in-law for her meds. So, there are two ways you can do this depending on your set-up.

  2. I've been tracking my sleep with my android phone for years using an Android app called Sleep as Android.

  3. Wow, how are you able to see the data in this format and without the phone? I use the same app and the H10

  4. Yeah, I missed a bit of that with the “serious relationship” part. ADHD is a rough lot in life and it’s very taxing in a lot of way. The whole Atomic Habits cultural, scheduling everything to T is being marketed as thing to fix patients and worse pull them off of their meds. I hope that’s not what’s happening here.

  5. Please do yourself a favour, or at least others, and actually watch Atomic Habits videos so you are not the one promoting the wrong message.

  6. Thank you for responding. I appreciate the discourse. However, you are making a lot of assumptions here. I have read the book, along with many others like it. They are literally all the same. I also have a psych degree and ADHD. I suffered through the better part of three decades with the assumption, then the internalized assumption that I could manage all of these symptoms through better habits and scheduling. It disconnected me from myself, led to self esteem issues and a lot of lost time. It was terrible. So, while I really do appreciate the reply, I will not be retreading any of those videos nor will I promote something that was harmful to me, to anyone else.

  7. If you have a psych degree and ADHD I'm all for you to shine some light my way. What are some techniques, ideas, frameworks, etc, basically anything that you find has been key in helping you?

  8. It's not. Just get a 10 journey transport card to get back to your hotel and airport.

  9. I'm happy for you. So, what's your dose and your sleeping routine? Don't you get more easily irritated as well? And, are you taking a generic from India or Progivil?

  10. Tesla's genious is making everyone want to drive their own train :)

  11. If you don't have food at home that's what you gonna want to eat when you are starving. And you are feeding the loop by training your brain to associate McDonald's with fulfillment.

  12. That's a beautiful window right there. It's great to have the bed higher so you can clean the botton

  13. Put clothing/stuff you haven't use in a while in a box. Seal it. After 3/6/12 months, up to you, donate/throw the whole box without opening.

  14. It's the first time I see someone trying to use TRT to fix sleep.

  15. Gosh, another one of those China bad we good. So much irony and lack of instrospection.

  16. yeah pretty shit argument when I've literally suggested ANYONE BUT CHINA is better than China, it's not us vs them. It is 'them' who've broken all moral contracts and become an outlier vs the whole of humanity. It's their job to improve, it should be called what it is honestly and unambiguously so they wake TF up!

  17. It must be warn and fuzzy living in that self-made hell. Please you do you. Have a great day.

  18. What I want to know is why so many of them have pink or purple hair? Is it something in the dye?

  19. I don't know if they were completely dismissing JP, OP just mentioned this one criticism. And feeling JP is helpful is completely compatible with holding this point of critique.

  20. Except OP isn't at a bar, he's seeking help and paying a professional for it. The therapist's personal opinion should be kept for off-work interactions. Besides, media always make it seem as if JP message is directed to just men when he has said in multiple occasions that is not the case.

  21. When people hate on JP I usually ask them: What *exactly* is the message that you are so against or don't agree with? Because actually, I was curious that some people have this visceral anger towards someone that they know nothing about. It's like people who really think what's going on in the world by reading the headlines. Such a simplistic view of life.

  22. Do you guys really feel any different taking modafinil from different manufactures?

  23. I definitely have. Currently taking Bionpharma modafinil and it surprisingly works a little better than Apotex and I don’t get headaches like I did with Apotex

  24. Did you change any of your habits, such as water intake, exercise, sleep?

  25. Read this as a letter from someone you really care about asking for your for help. You don't need no one's advice when you know exactly what to do at 40 years old if it is causing so much emotional pain, with no possible upside as time goes.

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