1. Who are some libertarian writers/ journalist you read?

  2. Fair value is the max amount the market will bear, every salesman will know your minimum is $13,500. Getting ahead could be all but impossible, forever.

  3. People in sales already know the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour which means they know the amount that a person makes, at a minimum, would usually be $14,000 working full time. We are in the exact same scenario now so nothing would change.

  4. The United States prints its own money. Because we issue our own currency and control its supply, the USA does not face financial constraints like your home bank account. The national debt is merely the bonds that represent the difference between spending and revenues (taxes). The United States government can literally never go bankrupt unless it specifically chooses to do so. The debt ceiling is nothing more than a political tool, and it would be the stupidest action ever taken in the history of the United States if they allowed a default.

  5. The first part if this game isn't bad, though. It just seems more linear than other final fantasy games that give the illusion of exploration. Most final fantasy games don't open up until later in the game when you get the airship, but before that it is literally going from point a to point b to point c. Final fantasy 10, a series favorite, is just as linear as 13, but doesn't get the shit 13 does.

  6. FF10 was too linear, but having towns was what made it bearable.

  7. This and FF13-2 have some of the best music of all time. (You should play the sequels after you finish this.) The beginning is a slog, but it gets better.

  8. sometimes I miss working on self managed datacentre hosts but then I remember how it felt to have a bios battery go bananas and I stop missing it

  9. I never miss the 3:00AM telephone calls.

  10. The lions, the witches, and their wardrobes.

  11. I think we may eventually see this with survival of the fittest style training models. That is, failure is death for the model, and it is replaced by one that does not fail. However, the first hurdle is allowing learning to be more than based on a single training sequence. Right now, training is done once on large datasets, and fine tuning has the possibility of catastrophic memory loss. Another aspect that is necessary is better internal communication between the model and itself. That is, models do not think to themselves. Back propagation during training only happens during training. The run function is a forward process and does not support circular circuits which would be required for real time reasoning.

  12. Creating boilerplate websites from scratch? Sure. Hackerrank style puzzles? Sure. But it sure as shit isn't capable of going through years of code that has undergone thousands of requirement changes and is working all thanks to sweat, tears, and hope - not yet at least. And this is where our bread and butter is.

  13. All of these people that think ChatGPT is already replacing programmers do not know that you cannot even properly tell it what to write unless you are already a programmer. If you can write an application in ChatGPT, then you are basically coding already, but you are using English instead of whatever specific programming language.

  14. This. ^ “You won’t always have a calculator with you!”

  15. I have a gigantic calculator sitting on my desk right now. I am listening to music and writing SQL queries on it.

  16. You said men regularly posts the same stuff like what I claims (verbatim "like you mentioned") which included "posts shit like she should be killed, her uterus should be torn out and she belongs in jail." Asking to provide an example of what you just said they post regularly is hardly shifting the goalpost. Did you even watch the entire video?

  17. This is a boring video so he probably missed the part where she does that in the video.

  18. This is why my life insurance policy has a robot clause.

  19. Is this a joke? If not, what exactly does it say?

  20. I was not aware of the domain name garbage. I always used Internic to check for availability before actually purchasing domains, though.

  21. even more doable considering the normalization of remote work. i bet housing is pretty cheap there too. unfortunately i don’t think there’s much to offer in that state other than farm land, and it’s really far from everything lol

  22. The problem is that remote work requires Internet access, and I imagine the Internet access there sucks.

  23. Lol, what is the population size of Wyoming anyway? like half a million? is that enough to keep the oil industry afloat?

  24. Everyone must do their part to destroy the planet, or it may not happen.

  25. Yeah, I think the pink lady is a jerk and a killjoy. I also think it's weird to film something like this in a public setting knowing someone might walk on

  26. I think they were aware of the risk of someone accidentally walking through. They did not expect someone to purposely interfere.

  27. The technique you used is called Hallway Debugging. The first step is to be enthusiastic and excited. Then, you invite someone walking past your room down the hallway to come check out your awesome new project. They immediately input something you would not expect and ask questions you never considered and ruin your day. If you are still happy about it, repeat the process with other coworkers until you are adequately depressed.

  28. lmao exact opposite happened to me in College, albeit i'm not a god-tier coder, i was fairly more competent than the rest of my class.

  29. I think a teacher in a technical writing class took offense to me going above and beyond in my work.

  30. I mean, sure, but does it work like Undo works? Like you have to undo every (unit of time) or decision up until the pills point?

  31. Right? Do you still remember what happened?

  32. I would assume so, otherwise it would be 100% useless because without additional information you would never choose another action. You'd just be stuck in an infinite loop of making a mistake then undoing the mistake, never even knowing you were in an infinite loop.

  33. I have Steam installed on a work computer because that is where I purchased DisplayFusion. Could be a similar situation. Or maybe he is a gamer. Nothing wrong with that.

  34. Yeah, people here in the US aren't smart enough to realize that drinking out of an actual glass is better than a disposable cup. The Christo-fascist GOP here really just wants to see the world burn.

  35. Like a state that is trying to pass a law to outlaw electric vehicles to "ensure the stability of the oil industry".

  36. Do they still have disposable packaging for people taking their food/drinks to-go?

  37. They just throw it in their laps at the drive-thru window. Gotta bring your own straw to suck up the soda while wringing out your pants.

  38. Only the people that preferred Quake III Arena. I was always on the side of UT99.

  39. That is true. Although I will say it seems more likely to be a deeper problem with neural networks themselves than with the transformer algorithm typology. I think the key concept here is plasticity. Human and animal brains are remarkably flexible and adaptable. NNs, in comparison, are still way too stiff. They struggle with learning new things after they have already learned a lot, or if they do succeed in that, they tend to forget the things they'd learned before.

  40. Considering the fact this winter intersession I was able to write a 7-page essay under an hour, did short answer questions, and wrote a 12-page APA styled essay in an hour an a half with chat GPT, Im very impressed. With a little understanding of context, directed creativity (design), and requests and tasks, you can really push chat to its upper limit even if it's a limited model. When it comes to DALLE2 as 3D/2D designer my concept stages last only a few minutes rather than hours, and within a few hours learned how to create photographs with camera angular and heigh control, exposure, and shot type. What ive gathered so far is, if you have a higher understanding of a concept with an end goal, AI displays those connections that maybe needed to reach the goal. The amount of work produced will be at an all-time high, but you do need to give it direction, and have a solid understanding of the context surrounding the idea, just like any other tool or technology available.

  41. It is not very smart for you to be posting that online. And you should be writing your own papers. These technologies should be used as tools not replacements.

  42. I have, for the most part, never talked about sex with other guys, and if the people with whom you are associating do this, then they are probably not the caliber of people you want around.

  43. We are not concerned because it takes knowledge and experience to even present the prompts. You must be very detailed. At this time, it is a tool, not a replacement.

  44. Those conspiracy theories already exist.

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