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Panicked Elon Musk Reportedly Begging Engineers Not to Leave

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New CEO of FTX has just released a declaration and it is WILD. SBF received loans from Alameda. Real estate and items for employees was purchased with FTX money. Fair value of remaining non-stablecoin crypto is $659. "Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls..."

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  1. The “MZ” generation truly is one of the unluckiest generations with economic stagnation, outrageous housing prices, no jobs, social backwardness (let’s not even get started here), and of course suffering through two major tragedies that would never even be a plausible thought in reasonably developed countries (actually most countries in general). Feel really bad for them tbh the entire country and culture is out to get them and against them and for what? I hope these poor people will not live in such a hellhole in their next life. It’s like the few generations before them reaped the benefits of their previous generation’s work and now the new generation is paying for it again.

  2. Plus once they get old enough they get to enjoy devastating climate events and mass shortages.

  3. If only they could have kids, to turn into wives. Just like Musks pedo dad.

  4. You were spreading lies by parroting Qanon type misinformation about children getting hit by cars.

  5. Crypto is like the term ‘liberal’ it used to mean something good and wholesome, but over time has gradually morphed into something truly evil, hence the distancing now.

  6. Korean pet ownership is such a shitshow. My wife is in a very large Naver cafe for dog owners and the standard for questions/comments is so disheartening. Its actually apparently bad enough that the cafe is a consistent resource for the Korean version of the Dog Whisperer TV show to plumb it for freaks to appear on the program.

  7. Can random people on the street stop giving my dog random pocket food please thanks,. Pet etiquette is lacking.

  8. Ugh I hate when random old people cal my dog over to them, but they are on the other side of a street or across the park... you're right about the lacking etiquette...

  9. fuck me that too. other side of a river, whistling at my dog. what do you fuckers want?

  10. Everyone paying attention to REITs back in 2008-09 realized what can happen doing this. It's all just a leverage game. I've had delusions of doing this too. You just leverage against your "owned" assets. In reality, while these guys are credit wealthy AF, they don't actually "own" anything. Their Lambo will be taken as quick as their 300 units. I doubt the bank will leave without taking their shoes out of the closets.

  11. I dont know about the US, but elsewhere you do it all under a rental/property/letting/short term LLC, and if it goes to shit you bankrupt the company and just start again. You are a $5 application fee and some paperwork to shield yourself behind a business front. The only thing they would lose is starting capitol

  12. Can someone tell me why the Musk hate? Did I miss something?

  13. Is he against vaccines? Given how much money he could potentially make if he invested in turning humanbody into a machine, I hardly imagine him being against biotechnologies. Might have been something he said for buzz sake ?


  15. Inflation is still at least 6% yet people expect rates to top out at 5%? Are they surveying WSB users or what?

  16. You’re telling me with a straight face that the richest man on the planet doesn’t know how to run a business?? How do u think he got all that money?

  17. You think it takes business acumen to become rich. man... that's so cute. Like you are adorable, sweet spring sunshine ^^ Have a great day angel :4270:

  18. Asia here. Asias distributor ran off with the deposits. Its probably for the best youre not getting it.

  19. It doesn't tell how much you are going to pay when you have a 1.1billion krw house. Roughly 1.5M krw. Also the tax is not based on the market price. The basis is about 70% of the market price. So you pay 1.5M krw for 1.6billion krw house.

  20. There won’t be many stocks that reverse as fast as Tesla whenever the market feels like it. As long as they sell every car they make, this is a dangerous options play.

  21. Every company is selling EVERY car they make. THere is a wait list for all electric vehicles.

  22. Doesn’t matter if they are not profitable and can’t make over 50-100k cars a year - and don’t have the advanced supply chain like Tesla does.

  23. Thermal paste is a rare example I know, but I still would rather not have to uninstall/reinstall a game, check drivers, check temp, check graphical settings, etc. to play a game. To each their own though.

  24. >rather not have to uninstall/reinstall a game, check drivers, check temp, check graphical settings

  25. Gotta say the new Ionic is a very good looking, very futuristic looking car. Maybe the best looking electric you can actually see driving around in the wild. Digging the angles they put into the sheet metal. I've driven an older Ionic and the drive was not bad at all.

  26. Its also MUCH better reviewed than any of Teslas offerings. From features to build quality its shocking how good Kia and Hyundai are.

  27. Don’t get me wrong. I have other assets I can always sell as collateral to pay it off if things go awfully wrong. I’m not investing what I can’t afford to lose.

  28. Tether has already been investigated by the SEC and has provided proof of reserves, which gets audited on a yearly basis.

  29. >Tether has already been investigated by the SEC and has provided proof of reserves

  30. yea and bulldoze it. Nature wants it, give it back to nature. its a shithole anyway

  31. Man they are STILL trying to sell for 2021 prices. No 3 series card is worth over 1,000,000. 3090tis are 800,000 on carrot.

  32. This is going to effect a lot of people in their 20s working minimum wage jobs. Too bad the majority of them voted for Yoon because they're getting exactly what they wanted.

  33. Young people wanted to end Moons disaster of a real estate policy. First thing Yoon did was unlock mortgages and provide relief for cheaper housing... as promised.

  34. I’m helping Ukrainians as charity, I have no sister and take my mom out regularly, I have all premiums I want

  35. Will this spill over to Tesla or SpaceX? Does he treat the employees there just as badly? If they see in the news that everyone at Twitter with talent is leaving, will they begin to realize their own job would actually be a lot better if Musk wasn’t in charge?

  36. The employees at tesla are treated even worse. He walks around blind firing people who then have HR run up and say "not reallly" so as not to lose staff.

  37. That's not fishy at all. I completely trust Binance 100% just like I trust all other exchanges like FTX.

  38. Now the real question is whether the 3090 ti is a good deal at 1300-1500 (it’s not). If you can live without nvidia features you can get very similar raster performance for half the price with AMD ($600-$800 for a 6900 xtxh or 6950xt, even a 500$ 6800xt puts up a fight)

  39. 3090ti has been on sale multiple times for $900, Amazon. Check the build a PC subreddit. Used they are $800

  40. no. he is a liquidation specialist and bankruptcy attorney. He does not clean companies, he tries to save as much assets for creditors. He will be brought in to kill your company off not save it

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