1. Poppy had so much potential. Her talent show, exit line, lipstick message… all crazy outside-of-the-box thinking.

  2. she’s way more unconventional than anyone gives her credit for, including herself i think - her name/aesthetic reads pretty conventional to me but her sense of humour is super unique

  3. Cutting the episodes down to 40 minutes seems like a strange move when the show seems to have a whole bunch of momentum around the world right now. And they have the biggest cast ever? Like what? I mean some of the hour-long episodes can be tedious (especially when it's an acting challenge or something of the sort) but at least we get to usually hear from every single queen and get to know them a little bit, which is one of the highlights of watching the show for me. Seems like a step in the wrong direction to me.

  4. omg ok i just found it with really vague search terms it’s this bit from transformers

  5. just had a look and its crazy how similar it is but its definitely not it 😭 thank you though

  6. omg this needs to get to the team! absolutely amazing!

  7. omg this needs to get to the team! absolutely amazing!

  8. the damage that trinity’s tuck tutorial inflicted…

  9. this is such a good way of describing them lol they’re truly so simple

  10. she’s an incredible character and often not a great person. her flaws make her a great character

  11. insane how many of these are from season 1 alone, the show was so much more date-of-the-week back then and especially for monica

  12. my personal favourite stories (ottokar, affair, tibet) are outside of this range but i 100% agree that TCWTGC-POTS is the golden age! peak appeal + popularity + quality with a classic “adventure story” model.

  13. love mike but team david, he has a very defined personality and perspective

  14. Look, despite the snubbing that Frasier got in the top 100 of all time (my fault, I didn't vote), I am very pleased to see Severance as #1 in New Shows. I can't recommend that show enough.

  15. Me having S13 as my first season watching live: 😐

  16. not necessarily my picks but what i think will happen

  17. mistress is kinda giving luca brasi and i live for it

  18. so many negative comments on this post!!! i think susan and carol are hilarious characters and i totally agree with you that scenes without main cast are refreshing

  19. ‘shock & outrage’ is an absolute yes

  20. Claire was never the one for Frasier, she just ticked enough boxes on paper that he convinced himself she was. Yes she liked some of the same cultural things, but she was quite reserved and low key and a bit meek and Frasier actually needed someone like Lilith or Roz in his life who challenge him and call him out on his pomposity.

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