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  1. There are several fast-food places that hit that point for me and I've never gone back since. As to WotC, the 30th Anniversary was my tipping point. Had that been $4 a pack, or, heck, even $10 a pack, no big deal. This was pure, tone-deaf, unadulterated greed.

  2. I know it was something on “arcane” like Arcania or something which is a pretty lame name lol. Still wanna go back though

  3. I just wish we had time to enjoy it. It would be nice if new planes had two sets, just so it could receive some more development.

  4. Recently the sets feel like you are on a tour of Europe, but given like a day to enjoy each country.

  5. Qatar didn’t even make it out of their own group. They lost every game.

  6. I was hoping for a GMless system, but alas that will not happen.

  7. Still got the board game for that :)

  8. I got a 365 banning from the Musk subreddit for posting this.

  9. Am I able to concede to this deck in response to resolving mulligans?

  10. The name at the top of the card is the card title.

  11. I also like that Gloomhaven doesn't need a dedicated storyteller.

  12. who’s afraid of being berated by that guy

  13. He's not exactly wrong, these motherfuckers have never seen any serious consequences for their actions. Sure, he's out a lot of money, but at the level he's at it literally changes nothing for him. The most fucked by this are the people employed at Twitter and the people whose lives are put in danger when right wing propaganda goes unchecked

  14. Dud could lose all but a couple hundred million and nothing would change.

  15. What kind of hetero male wants to hang out in a bar with no women all the time? Besides religion fucking sucking this is just a dumb ass rule. Lol

  16. What up? We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who wanna hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged, if you're fat you should be able to find humor in the little things. Again, NOTHING SEXUAL.

  17. There are other ways to make money without relying on advertisement. Web companies have been extremely lazy in exploring those laternatives as they are very risky. Why take that risk when you can just get paid?

  18. What does the MAGA house crowd have to leverage in negotiations? The sabotage of their own party? Anything else? Trump opponents, from across the entire political spectrum, are poised to hamstring his political mobility for 2024 by weighing him down in the court systems. It's yet another strike against Trump's credibility as he'll be beaten at his own game of courtroom entrenchment in the public spotlight.

  19. They’re going to hold hearings about how stupid people got the consequences they were told they would get for believing someone stupid who told them to do a stupid thing?

  20. A percentage of those that left did it not because of their stance on vaccines, but that is was an easy way out of their contracts.

  21. Elon singlehandedly destroyed cancel culture.

  22. That's the weirdest thing about the Card Conjurer takedown. If all you want is a real magic card, you either go to bootleggers, proxy makers, print/make it yourself, or do something like MPC Auto fill since all you need is any image of the card.

  23. It is a joke. It's actually closer to $1070-$1100 after taxes.

  24. Plus shipping. You would think for $1000 they’d throw in free shipping.

  25. It’s turned to a place to shit on Joe rogan and not actually have a discussion about the guests and topics discussed. Rarely anything positive is discussed.

  26. There's a multiplayer Go For Champions combo deck that's going to absolutely smash face in Rogue's future. I'm hyped.

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