1. The system is set up so you have to be eternally in debt.

  2. So witty and edgy! Har har har! Cigarettes! Weeeeeeeeee!

  3. Apple should stop pretending to develop HomeKit and let the market fix itself.

  4. He wants to decrease the polarization within the country, start visiting the regions and discussing issues people there face, decrease his personal protection, be more down to earth... things like that.

  5. You think you’ll get non-biased opinions from Reddit? Lol.

  6. I mean, back then, it was legal for men to beat and rape their wives, and women could be locked away in an asylum for anything. All a man had to do was sign them in, and there they would stay. So he might have done something. But who knows.

  7. This guy hides behind the US (NATO). Cowardly and reckless. Typical of this type.

  8. Czechs and other Europoors like to call Americans fake. It’s not possible to them that some people are actually positive and friendly.

  9. This isn’t news. This is what most Rs are doing.

  10. It’s funny that you suggest Orbán has any sort of talent (trust me, he has none)

  11. Says the guy from his room posting on Reddit.

  12. There is no such thing as a Czech army. It’s American trained and supplied. A puppet army. Stop larping.

  13. This woman is a clown. How the hell she got elected, I’ll never know. Her Rona Buster superhero costume was so cringe.

  14. You really don’t know how she was elected?

  15. Lol. Also, we shouldn’t just FEEL safe we should BE safe. Don’t let this city turn you into someone think it’s this is normal…ITS NOT!


  17. Nationalism wasnt really a thing yet. They started to collapsed pretty much right when it did

  18. Why is this sub giving free advice to privileged people?

  19. Check your shoes for dog shit and drug needles.

  20. Chez Paree was popular restaurant nightclub during that time period. It had big name entertainment and dancers.

  21. Of course Netflix canceled it. It was too niche for the Netflix ghetto audience.

  22. You know what a large percentage are doing with the dogs, right?

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