Drew Halo 5 Cortana for a friend

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  1. Hate when people get so close. I don't care even pre covid. Stay in your zone bitch. I'll make it obvious. I'll be nice at 1st. Slowly get irritated. Make big obvious gestures that I need personal space. Lastly if they don't get the big hints, say something aloud to them so they have no choice but to understand. It just ruins my day when they do that crap.

  2. The man's face in the video accurately reflects your feelings at what just happened.

  3. I would have done the same or worse. People put themselves on too much of a high horse all the time. Bring her down a peg and show her not to be an asshole. Even if she had been the better artists she was criticizing you first. Maybe just text her and tell her where she went wrong and how you felt and that's why you did what you did. Which any human being would also do in that situation.

  4. Not only does this lie about their "lower food prices" but it also makes sure you are taxed 4% extra on your total. Thus they make more money than if they simply raised their food prices. Now it's not just the food it's the entire drink menu as well.

  5. That man saw all your porn searches and forums. And verified that he is indeed the father

  6. If you look to the bottom left. You'll see he started out expiremntimg small but he quickly upgraded to the max capacity bottles

  7. When you first saw this DEMON, were you Blinded by its Majesty?

  8. i have had this happen when my router changed channels it's like the cam is on channel 3, but my router is on 7, so they can't talk to each other I fixed this by going into my router and lock the channel it was on auto... after resetting the cam and homebase I never had this issue again.

  9. The issue is my camera refuses to reconnect to homebase so I don't think I csn lock my router and it fix it

  10. The first thing I do when the camera fails to connect is restart the Homebase. Don't remove the cam or use the Sync button. Eufy has some kind of routine that drops the device if it can't communicate with it for some period of time. Resetting the Homebase has fixed it every time I have had the problem.

  11. Thank you. I think I even tried connecting to a different homebase and still no luck. Alas.

  12. Maybe we will get a halo 2 style remaster for the 20th anniversary! Don't care for them to change anything just add better graphics by 2027 standards

  13. Halo 4's campaign was not bad. Not the best but made more sense than halo 5 and at the time I could see what 343 was trying to do and where they were trying to head. Sticking to halos roots while adding new ideas. Also halo 4 had the best looking Cortana. I would have preferred if they just went with thr look of halo 4 graphics but the models of halo 3 Master Chief and Cortana. But still... not bad and like I said still best looking. Why they double backed and clothed cortana for the rest of the series just to try and fit in with the woke culture now is beyond me. Cortana was about female empowerment before it was popular and I respected her as well as appreciated her looks. This was the last halo game with possibly the original halo identity still behind it.

  14. Could you also draw halo 4 and halo 3 cortana please? Those are my favorite cortana models

  15. Thank you. It's my little boys room. Trying to buy him all the things I ever wanted for myself.

  16. After multiple successful Warthog escapes from doomsday scenarios, Chief drives.

  17. Was exactly my thought process but now that you posted... take my upvote please

  18. You lucky son of a gun. Your parents loved you

  19. Evangelion video armor Watch the series while you fight the covenant!

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