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  1. I have one too! It has cream colored plastic hardware instead of black and the inlays are handcrafted. It plays without any issues and is one of the best guitars I own.

  2. I wish that was the case with mine haha. It needs a truss rod replacement and refret before being considered even a practice instrument. Such a shame too, it has so much potential and I can feel it in the sounds it makes; it's just not where I need it to be to comfortably make those sounds

  3. Do you think that Harling death was well deserved?

  4. Not OP but it was deserved, I just wish i could have been the one to pull the damn trigger

  5. Using a pick. To quote Beardyman, "This is sacrelidge, but I'm gonna do it"

  6. Everyone mistakenly believes we're polite, we used to be ruled by England, and we live in igloos

  7. Yooo this sounds dope! Do yall have like a youtube or some shit I can check? Wanna hear more of this!

  8. Dude thanks, I'll be sure to listen to the whole thing, and I'll drop yall a follow too! Always nice to hear amazing and new music from people

  9. Even after he's not the president anymore, and the one that came after him is terrible, you still care about trump? I get that he wasnt god's gift to america or whatever the fuck but jesus christ all you guys ever do is give him more publicity. "Trump did this, Trump said that, Trump BAD, TWUMP BADDD" I dont fuckin care anymore. He's not in a position of power, and his supporters are drying up like California's freshwater lakes. Maybe dont let him live rent free in your head anymoreand focus on currentissues, like how the current president traded a Russian arms dealer for a fuckin basketball player

  10. Got to Fox News front page - right now.

  11. You make a fair point, and I apologize about my earlier rashness. I'm just sick of hearing the guys name in general; even my coworkers talk about him and it drives me nuts! I miss talking about fun things, and talking about him isnt fun in the slightest

  12. Some people just need to find a reason to be the victim. They can't complain about mandates so they gotta complain about something that literally does not effect them.

  13. Food doesnt affect them? Id say food affects everybody.... without it you'd be unable to live. But no, theyre complaining about stuff that literally doesnt affect them, no of course not

  14. I hope your support for trudeau was the sarcasm, not parodying those of us who actually have a brain to vote against him with.

  15. Good Sleepy, Kinda Alright and Oolong are some of my favourite smaller bands. They just have this feel to their music that is so goddamn addicting

  16. Lol it was a kitbash that sounded like shit from the start, it even says that in my post. Why are y'all so pissed?

  17. I had a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional 120th Anniversary. Paid $1600 used, was in immaculate shape but had a pretty bad nut and tuning stability sucked. Fretwork was so-so. I actually just sold it for cash + a 2018 Gibson Flying V and man does it feel better.

  18. It's always a shame when you find one that has such a horrible personality but amazing looks, its why most people will tell you to look before you leap when buying guitars. I understand what you mean about it looking great but playing awful; I had a homebrew tele with a Jazzmaster neck pickup at one point and it never sounded or played the way I wanted it to.

  19. I was in my local guitar shop (around here theyre usually city/name/county music) and I saw a Fender Jazzmaster, one of the ones with all the bells and whistles in full black. I asked the shop owner if I could try it out behind one of the amps and a distortion pedal, got it all hooked up, and was instantly dissappointed by the tones it produced; even after tweaking the knobs on the pedal, amp and guitar itself, it still sounded (as Paul from the Beatles once said) like lovely crap. I've played Squier guitars (mainly a strat) most of my 6 years playing, and those to me sounded way better than that thing, for a quarter of the price. It's such a shame because I've always been told Fender were a great instruments manufacturer, yet when I held one of their "higher end" instruments in my hand it felt like a cheap chinese imitation of the real thing.

  20. I like it, the tapping part is pretty catchy, but it could use a little practice and distortion (especially when you get into the chords). I'd love to hear it when youve practiced it a bit more, keep the sub updated!

  21. You’re totally right, thank you for the good feedback, I really appreciate it!

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