1. My son has a CAN-USA plan but in the MyTelus app it shows EasyRoam enabled. Looking on the

  2. Hillarious coincidence as I asked myself the same question as I work at rebuilding my faith and deciding when/how to come back to Sunday services.

  3. I have two kids who are 21 and 19, it's definitely an interesting period for my kids and for me. Lots of change going on in terms of time together, activities and growing up

  4. Can you please explain this to me like I’m 5? I’m totally lost here.

  5. When VR chat became a thing, there was a trend to adopt the Knuckles character among real and fake Ugandan people, so had these roaming packs of VR Knuckles essentially asking the same question "Do you know the way" in an African accent

  6. This is excellent for the development of our nuclear industry!

  7. I am getting titanic vibes when I read the "no way it can melt down"

  8. Modern reactor designs typically use low power density cores. This means you're making the same amount of heat in a volume that's much larger (16x less heat per cubic centimeter for example). Less heat per cubic volume means less fission product buildup per cubic centimeter which means lower peak temperature if normal coolant operation stops.

  9. That's very cool info. The passive design to protect against meltdown is the key thing here for me - I hope this gets going.

  10. YouTube reserves the right to advertise content on their platform regardless of the monetization status of the uploader. They simply keep all the proceeds without sharing them with the creator.

  11. The only fashion item that irks me, is when leadership are wearing a corporate pin on the lapel of their suit jacket. I don't know why, but I triggered so hard.

  12. Say you work at a bank and you have their pin, a corporate logo or perhaps term of service award, might be the logo with a small gemstone like a diamond or something

  13. They should have white labeled their delivery platform for other content providers

  14. I'll have the spam, spam, spam, spam and spam

  15. Its a pre-screening program for the US-Canada border. You pay a fee and sign off on allowing both border services to perform a thorough background check so that you may be deemed a very low risk to either country. This gives you a Nexus card which allows you a special fast lane to cross the border.

  16. And if you fly, nexus gets you into the speed lanes at the airport, big time saver

  17. Doesn't quite meet the first criteria - it was literally just a random member, but this is what she told her family while we were trying to teach them a lesson as missionaries:

  18. "Blood of sacrificed children" or you know corn syrup

  19. Hos master plan to shutdown the Elons plane account

  20. I was not aware Brett "The Hitman" Hart had a switch. Amazing 😆

  21. That's amazing, and the D brand skin in a nice touch 😃

  22. I assume this is related to covid? Getting influences to promote the vaccine?

  23. I thought that was Joe for a second 🤣

  24. Go Brandon! jk I thought it was POTUS as well

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