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  1. I go to meme subreddits to laugh and have fun, and not to read some student essay

  2. Stop posting about BALLER. I’m tired of seeing it! My friends on TikTok send me BALLER. On discord it’s fucking BALLER. I was in studio origami right? And all of the channels were just BALLER. I showed my super scuffle art to my girlfriend (you ain’t got no damn girlfriend 😂🫵🏽 stop the CAP‼️🧢) I said his name when the BALLER is BALLER.

  3. Apparently, being enlightened means supporting circumcised kids and bloodthirsty regimes

  4. Funny how they keep associating republicans to nazis without knowing what nazis really are

  5. They literally wear swastikas, what else is needed to call someone a Nazi? A signed confession? Lmao

  6. When leftists can't debunk the meme, they start commenting on things that are not even relevant in the meme

  7. mais porque voce acha isso? agente somos muitos bons em falar portuges

  8. I bet 60 bucks that none, absolutely none of those leftoids work in manual labor of any kind

  9. Does anyone have the invite link for that server, I wanna see if I can mess with them.

  10. Tomorrow I'll join the server and do the most right-wing response I can think of

  11. I think it's 100 if i remember it correctly

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