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  1. Problem child is one of the programs best strains. Every time I’ve had it it’s been strait cheesy funk. Everything else I’ve had from farkas outside of their concentrates has been seriously lacking in taste and smell. It’s all extremely pretty but for me it’s all about the taste and the smell.

  2. Every time I’ve read this strain it always looks amazing but has a muted taste and smells. How does this one smell?

  3. Haha, I hadn't seen this post so I submitted a post asking what others thought this smelled like because both on here and in line people told me it had a good smell and mine had no smell. Like a lot of Ohio bud, absolutely no aroma and muted taste. I think some people have a placebo effect with good-looking weed automatically having a good smell because 75% of the stuff people say is gassy, cheesy, pungent, has a funky aroma, etc ends up having virtually no smell when I get it. These companies waste money on jars and humid packs but don't cure it right. Mind boggling.

  4. Yeah most of the growers don’t take the time to cure properly or somthing is going wrong somewhere that a huge portion of the flower in the program has this problem. But it’s not all of it. Have to hunt for it and even armed with the knowledge of what to look for you have to have some luck to get a decent batch. It’s such a crap shoot

  5. You like it more than Galenas blueberry cookies? That is my favorite but I've never had blueberry cupcake, might have to try it.

  6. Their blueberry cookies was amazing but I only had it once in a artifact jar. Woodward used to have killer blueberry cheesecake but that was two years ago at this point I wouldn’t touch it.

  7. Problem child is another one of there flowers that's great

  8. Problem child has been constantly amazing every single times I’ve had it. Wonka, blueberry, cherry pie, supreme diesel all looked like a million dollars but had no smell or taste. Would be interested in trying this one again if it’s true this has a strong smell

  9. I'm not even gonna buy it without trying to peak through the bag and look at numbers.

  10. Report back, that’s a great deal if it’s up to standards

  11. I asked the guy at the back counter what was wrong with it, for he was skeptical too.

  12. I’ll have to keep and eye out. Love that cheesy smell of the problem child

  13. I never realized until my most recent rewatch that Eowyn, was like pathetically thirsty.

  14. Well it's Aragorn she is thristing over so I kinda get it

  15. Eowyn is just a metaphor for the audiences unrequited lust for Aragorn? I feel you. I consider myself a strait man but I would join the fellowship for Aragorn if you know what I mean.

  16. My son started playing BotW about 3 1/2 years ago when he was 6. He mastered the game by the time he was 7. He’s 10 now and just got the platinum trophy for Elden Ring. I think BotW was the perfect intro to the elden ring

  17. Certified Animal Mintz Select = best animal mints in Ohio

  18. For the price their smalls pack a nice punch. Way too expensive for what it is without a discount though.

  19. I hardly ever buy full price they are often 30% off. Which is why I started buying a lot of there stuff in bulk. Usually inet there half's at $100 or under.

  20. I probably have a 1/4 oz left of the animal mints half of smalls I got from them. Looks pretty similar to this. Effects are pretty great though and I agree for a cheaper certifed product it’s not bad at all. It’s just not that premium select stuff that I want.

  21. Premium. Super smooth super tasty. Could be a little stickier but it’s like 4.5/5 basically it’s awesome and one of the better purchases I’ve made at the dispensary in months

  22. Out of curiosity I looked at the QR codes for the h Klutch and the RB was zero for mold but the jealousy had a number in the 8000s. Honestly It’s not going to stop me from enjoying it one bit. Tastes is spectacular old school sherbert that I crave all the time and the dispensaries never have. After reading how Michigan limit is 10 times higher then ohios I’m not really concerned. Now if the flower wasn’t premium is just about every other way I would be a little mad about it haha

  23. Sometimes there just is no justice in this world. The only hope is that the people who abuse and hurt others have it eat up their insides like a cancer. I would rather be broken me then one of them.

  24. It's been 8 years and he is still telling me about minors he is talking to. I don't think he is feeling even a little bit guilty

  25. Music can be helpful but I also tend to gravitate to some pretty dark tunes that leave me feeling much worse. I find it best to avoid music alot of the time

  26. Yeah thats cool and all but does he even understand what is going on? The lore stuff is complicated for adults, I can hardly imagine a 10 year old understanding what is going on

  27. Maybe some of it? I don’t know I played probably 60% of the game and I didn’t pay enough attention or bother to watch YouTube videos about it. The lore is cool and all but I don’t think people plays these games for the griping story telling. These are well made mechanically sound and challenging games.

  28. I just posted a review yesterday! Check out my profile

  29. Ah that’s the badder. I was wondering about the flower that’s around

  30. I had the dabs and I gotta say they were some of the best dabs I’ve had in the program deff gonna get again!!

  31. I did try the badder a couple months ago and the effects were super nice but it was lacking that taste and smell I crave. Not sure if I would hunt it down though. I did really like that banana Mac badder. That one tasted just like the flower

  32. Except when he’s off work he gets to sit down, play with his clean and dressed little tykes, and have a smoke with a whiskey neat while wife is still doing dishes from dinner. It’s a team in the sense of a bobsled team where the driver (the wife) is up longer than everyone else working to make it all happen.

  33. Mine as pretty average in terms of smell.. now the PC on the other hand.. probably the best 'cake' strain I've ever

  34. Yeah I’m super impressed with the PC. Blows the last batch of the cherry I had out of the water

  35. I like the Cherry Jungle better but the Purple Cake isnt bad imho. The Cherry Jungle has more Indica effect to it slightly than PC for me. Cherry Jungle wasnt as dry though the PC wasnt dusty dry. The Cherry Jungle batch of minis I just got smells slightly more potent than the batch I got when they first brought it out. That being said, I couldve just gotten a good jar. I swear I get a cherry/chocolate smell from it. Still not as pungent as Animal Face or a good batch Grapehead.

  36. After a couple days with the purple cake I’m serialist enjoying it. I might miss out on the cherry if I don’t get back before it’s gone but even if I don’t I’m just fine the with PC. I feel the PC behind my eyes like a heavy Indica but the taste is super smooth and mellow. Good run by woodro

  37. That’s beautiful. Does it taste and smell as good as it looks?

  38. Browns fan here, furiously upvoting. Love to see it, fuck Groper Cleveland. Threw away the next 5 years on a garbage person who hasnt played in two years. I'd rather be a Broncos fan.

  39. 5 years is wildly optimistic. Even if they win a Super Bowl a significant portion of the city is going to feel grossed out including myself, that is the best case scenario. Worst case is the team has been set back another decade minimum because of the draft picks. It’s lose lose. Their decision to go ahead and trade from him has ruined football for me. I could take the 20 plus years of being a laughing stock of a team but now even if they win it’s tainted.

  40. My bubbles were popped the day I almost died in a car crash and everyone I loved gave up on me because I made the mistake of drinking before getting behind the wheel. No forgiveness and even worse is the ghosting. Like I never existed in the first place. Kicked out of groups And my sober supports said I wasn’t trying hard enough… go figure. Fuck I haven’t been happy In so long I forgot what it feels like

  41. Some people believe that facing real consequences for our addictions is the only way to “help” someone who is using drugs. I know for a fact my evolving relationship with my Mom played a huge role in my internal desire to get sober. That being said if any of my three boys ends up a addict too I don’t know if I would be able to let them face the consequences on their own. The past isn’t real. The future isn’t written. All we have is this moment right now. I try every day no matter how hopeless it feels.

  42. I can relate to the feeling that I was home alone or with my older sibling all the time. I definitely got to experience a lot of things that a more supervised child might not have had the chance. Besides looking at it like being cheated implies that some kind of “standard childhood” or “normal”. Basically like has taught me there is no such thing.

  43. I was angry that my nieces never played outdoors so I made us all go to the local park. It was full of addicts and drunk guys, without a single kid anywhere. The girls gave me a ‘told you so’ look and we went for some icecream.

  44. What the hell kind of parks do they have where youre from? I live in Cleveland Ohio and say what you will about cleveland but you are no more then 10 minutes from a drug free playground or the metro parks. Yeah I’m sure their are a few that you probably want to avoid but that vast majority are completely safe.

  45. You can’t right now. December is Partners Only month so they can focus on shipping the sale orders. The regular VS stuff will be back in January. Or if you live close enough to The Archive they probably have it.

  46. Ah thank you, I haven’t been keeping up with my Blu-ray collection but this title has been number one on my list for years.

  47. Yeah this one is definitely in my top 10 now. So sticky!!!

  48. Honestly everything I’ve had from certified that says select has been top notch. But yeah this batch of jungle fire was 🤌

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