1. Working from home so I have some free time to enjoy a session;)

  2. Same! Fun to know were both watching the same thing at the same time, especially if were both into the same type of porn etc..

  3. wow amazing man. Was it weir in the morning or pretty casual?

  4. Once roomies go to bed, i always get naked to masturbate:)

  5. Got the whole house to myself for the weekend. Got naked and started masturbating right away!

  6. masturbation is way more intense when you doing it with someone else. lets chat!

  7. My first time smoking & stroking was so amazing. Love getting a little high, throwing on a good film and touching myself

  8. Definitely not alone. Been looking to find a JO bud for awhile now that has no pressure or attachments to it

  9. So this was my first post I read tonight and immediately got horny. Days off are for self love :)

  10. I enjoy jerking with my male friends. Thought it was weird at first but now i really enjoy the experience. Kind of hooked haha

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