1. NTA. I too have a legume allergy. I can make a soy free vegan meal so easily. It’s not hard

  2. These look so good!! I can’t wait to get mine done 😍

  3. As a mom, NAH. My husband would probably feel a little freaked that I made a decision like that without letting him know, because he worries about the kids and I. But also I know how it is to be utterly burnt out and not thinking correctly. I think you need to have a conversation with your husband and see if you both can see each others sides.

  4. Definitely the cool. It GOES with your skin, idk how else to put it.

  5. The purple/pink make a harmonious palette with the green/yellow and the blue of the eyes. The hair makes the neutral that frames it all. If you could see it on a color wheel I believe it would be called a triadic color scheme?

  6. Thank you! Yes you put it much more clearly and eloquently lol

  7. I’m obsessed with holo purples, especially with a green or blue chrome. This is gorg.

  8. This is heartbreaking. A girl on social média reached out to me recently, she was SA’d and hadn’t had her period in months. She stole a pregnancy test so her mom wouldn’t find out and it was positive. She’s definitely too far along to get an abortion and her family will kick her out if they find out. She doesn’t want to keep the baby and plans to adopt. I wish I could help her but I’m on the other side of the country and broke.

  9. Valentino is notorious for shitty footwear on the runway

  10. Unfortunately even in the lgbtq community not everyone is accepting. I’m bi. I married a man. It’s totally ok and the label I choose to use that best identifies me is my choice and nobody else’s.

  11. This isn’t ADHD. I’m unmedicated ADHD and I never once have “impulsively” cheated and lied to my partner.

  12. What the actual fuck. YTA. I’m 25 and if I go to my mom and ask to snuggle she says hell yes. Go apologize.

  13. aww that’s so nice even though you weren’t compatible financially!

  14. My youngest was almost 15 months and oldest almost 3, I went into the bathroom ( 5 kids I’m quick) and washed hands. Came out Baby had opened fridge removed maple syrup and poured all over herself and floor ( excellent fine motor skills) . Miss almost 3 looks at me and smiling says “ aren’t you happy I didn’t interrupt you in the bathroom “! Dog is hiding saying wasn’t me! It was just after 6 am…. Kids are fun. If anyone ever asks maple syrup is not easy to remove from hair and worse hardwood floors. By time everything cleaned up all downstairs floors cleaned cuz cats walked through syrup, baby bathed, Miss almost 3 bath cuz didn’t want to be left out, and I showered cuz well syrup. Husband wants to know what I do all day, not sure he believes me.

  15. Omg one day mine climbed on the table and dumped a half a bottle of maple syrup on my floors. Bubby was on the floor stomping it everywhere. I had to mop three times to get the sticky gone 😭

  16. Dad's obviously grieving. While not the best way to do so, it's how he's handling it at this time. Give him space, but also help him through the process. Also, how is the dog you shared "your dog"? Honestly I'm not a fan of how any of the adults are handling this because your child is the one who's being affected the most.

  17. How was it expecting 1 baby your whole pregnancy and then come out with 2? What were your family and friends reactions? That is crazy though, congratulations!

  18. Kinda scary ngl! We were wildly unprepared for two babies (had all of the stuff needed for one but not two!) so the first couple weeks were expensive 😅 Family and friends were happy and mostly helpful!

  19. WTF? How would you know to do that if she hadn’t taught you? When I was in the hospital, I’d get a new nurse every 12 hours and each one would teach me how to do suction with the bulb like it was the first time.

  20. Exactly! Like these were my first kids and I’d slept maybe two hours in the past three days and this was literally their first night out of the womb 💀😭

  21. Same, sis. I'm around 5'0 or 5'1 and a 44H now. I was in the DD range prior to being pregnant, and I felt disproportionate then. Now I feel even more so, like I'm all boobs and that they make my belly look bigger than it is.

  22. I was a D before pregnancy. I’m crossing my fingers they go back after i wean the twins haha

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