1. It depends because no one around where I’m at is bangin Jay music like that and we don’t consider a lot of things classics that up north does. That’s why I was curious what other regions thought of it

  2. That song is different different when it comes on after Cedric

  3. Yo what movie is this from! I cannot remember

  4. Fuck , I how did I blank that. Appreciate you 🤲

  5. Damn I didn’t know Mal was on this show with him. Was really with him from the bottom. Sad they fell out

  6. Both sides can argue forever, but what are we doing here? Sometimes idk if we moving forward or backwards. It was nice not having this debate for a bit , but I’m naive to think we’ll get past it ig

  7. Naw 👋🏾 not too much on flip. flip hella funny 😆

  8. Probably for another month after it’s run into the ground

  9. Yep mine was Nelly Country Grammar project. Shits a classic

  10. That’s just their experience, doesn’t seem like hate tbh

  11. R&M but I think surf would have been a dope permanent addition. I wonder what will happen when/if he’s free and wants to join the pod, 7 mics? Lol

  12. It has nothing to do with nostalgia. The pod with R&M is just simply better then what Joe has put out right now. Even Joe isn’t as funny or vibrant with this new group.

  13. Very true , the new pod is good for what it is. Let’s keep it real , we all know what the best era was and still is atm

  14. ehhh i thought the same until i started re watching old pods recently and all that too cool shit honestly started during the “can we see the book” talks

  15. Criticism in a sub doesn’t equate to the show being done. If that was the case the JBP would have been done before marissa left 😂

  16. Big Mel said they need to re-visit the idea of a tour now that she’s here.....

  17. is the climate that joe longer has to rely on ice and ish boring asses

  18. Damn im ashamed of myself and im not even overweight 😂

  19. Having a grown man telling you to get outta here is nuts

  20. Yeah those oil millionaires/billionaires are different . It’s kinda sick how much money they have

  21. I know! I wake up to end every day as my alarm clock

  22. Deadmau5?! Who hurt you?

  23. Even Joe wouldn’t do no bamma shit like what Adam did doe

  24. Let’s be real. You’re only allowed to bash rnm here even when mods made a whole rule about not discussing rnm. Kurtz can’t go one day without bringing them up even on topics that have nothing to do with them. Y’all want an echo chamber so that’s what you got.

  25. You seem giddy like you get credit for sticking around through some wack ass times. Like a bottom bitch that held her dude down until he came up. I'm back listening because the product improved. Joe knows it needed improvement hence the additions and changes. This isn't some gotcha moment that we're returning. It's an exchange. My time for quality entertainment. If the latter is missing, the former is withheld.

  26. Oh man, that sucks. Glad everyone is doing well.

  27. 90% chance a space heater unfortunately

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