1. That's crazy, my dealer overcharged me for accessories as well as had the wrong price on one of my documents. I had to go in to talk to a manager to get them to honor our agreed on price and they still tried to squeeze in accessories on the paperwork. When I went back to sign the correct papers the second time, neither my sales guy or the manager would come talk to me, they were salty I paid attention to their game. Just a shit experience.

  2. So if I decided to purchase a 23 ridge line .. I can purchase one through them for that price ?

  3. Very nice .. I really like that .. I keep thinking about buying one and getting rid of my Tacoma

  4. Then switch.. if you can save money and get the same level of service then it will be to switch to AT&T

  5. Maybe then need to revision your line for the iPhone just make sure they have the correct soc code on the line .

  6. I always see people ask this question. Can’t you just pay more money towards the plan? I don’t think your stuck waiting 36 months.

  7. That’s not how it works on Verizon and AT&T. I can’t speak to how T-Mobile works .

  8. Well you signed up for a post paid account.. if you pay off the phone you can get a cheaper plan on pre paid . But best bet is to pay off the phone as soon as you can .

  9. Depending on the info I gather from Reddit and t mobile, it might be worth it if I tried and got stuck with t mobile. I know t mobile isn’t anywhere near perfect, but I can’t imagine the types of problems I’ve had with Verizon. The 24 month payments from t mobile and upgrades better and even better is buying the next device from Apple.

  10. Well it it makes sense then it might be worth switching over

  11. You probably get a credit over 36 months from Verizon to off set and make the phone free. But you will have to stay with them for 36 months . If you have the money try and get a phone for cash or maybe finance directly with Apple and leave the carrier out of the equation. And just pay month to month..

  12. Are these discounts only on the consumer side ? I have a business line but no discount have been offered..

  13. I had a few friends that live in West Virginia and they say over all att is the best .. but Verizon and T-Mobile works there also

  14. Have you not picked up the phone and called them directly?.

  15. God dang that mofo turns me the fuck on. I am not gay but would go down on that dude so fast if it is in fact owned by a dude.

  16. So basically you want to get a new line new number and try out a new 5g plan plus pay for the gudp? Might be cheaper just to get a phone unlocked from Apple .. and you can always upgrade your plan later instead of being tied to a new line for 24-36?months just for a free phone .

  17. Att will be the best route . Do you have a us address that you use for the 6 months ? If so sign up with att post paid . Or you can get att prepaid unlimited plan .

  18. I have this plan and I think it is great for the price and the features you get .. sure no 4k but the rest of the plan is good

  19. I would get a iPhone 13 or 14 series.. maybe you can still find a iPhone 12 series.

  20. Or you can just call in and reset it over the phone with customer service? They are very helpful

  21. Which plan are you on ? Did you get a cru agreement when you signed up in a email or a text message to view the documents ? Or did you sign a cru agreement In store on the iPad ?

  22. I agree. I use an 8 in south florida, after some windy days and big fish in the surf last summer I wish I went with a 9.

  23. Well I will have to save up and get one for my arsenal

  24. Fishing the surf the fish were maybe 20 feet in it was particularly windy so it would have been hell to cast any further

  25. What size rod are you using? I’ve got to five weights I’ve got a saltwater real. But I’ve never used them in the ocean. I wonder if a five wt would be able to handle that

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