1. I got 2 years mortgage and I'm banking on the fact we'd enter a recession and interest would lower because of it. But then I don't know much about economy but recessions typically last 10-18 months.

  2. I am doing the same! What rate did you get? (and province?)

  3. is it connected directly to your accounts or manual entry of positions?

  4. Rogers MC is 1.5%. No annual fee. Minimal welcome bonus though ($25ish)

  5. Rogers MC WE is my go to "other" card

  6. Yes, that’s generally how it works in churning. There’s some risk involved.

  7. on application, do you purposely say "No" I am not current Scotiabank customer ... or would you just say "Yes" ?

  8. Will be passing by HKG and looking at the Plaza Premium Lounge ... Which card would be best?

  9. How's PS with CIBC or applying new one for sign up bonus?

  10. Probably your best bet. I don't think they'll stop and just one more hike.

  11. curious if the rate is as good as it gets or if anyone has seen better rates

  12. yeah that's what I thought .. curious if the rate is as good as it gets or if anyone has seen better rates

  13. Time to downgrade my RBC Avion Visa VI as I just got the 20k bonus points posted ... I already have another Avion Visa VI and it has not been 3 months since, so I am not looking for another sign up bonus

  14. Have you kept the card for A MINIMUM OF THREE MONTHS? That is the bare minimum you should keep it for. $30 or $60 in the case of 6 months, is a SMALL PRICE to pay for $550+ in value.

  15. yes it's been 5 months now (to hit the MSR, just timing of when I made the purchases)

  16. I got NB WE and CIBC Dividend Platinum ... all of them are 6+ months old, I haven't used them the past few months and they already met their MSR, got my bonus, etc ...

  17. As a sole prop (doesn't sound like you are an employee), you register for HST/GST if revenue is over $30k, but you do not charge foreign customers sales tax.

  18. so I still need to register for HST/GST even if I am not charging it?

  19. AMEX Canada MR linking: Does it matter which card is the primary or do I get a choice? Intent is to link Cobalt onto Gold to try for an annual cap reset glitch

  20. definitely not immediate for me ... it's been couple of weeks

  21. Curious how widely & quickly this will get adopted by retailers / merchants ... it will kill a big part of the churning game :(

  22. Hey Wondering, if you could give any advice, myself and my wife, arrived in Canada last week to do a working holiday and are trying to figure out what credit card to apply for? Any advice is appreciated. We're both from Ireland and currently employed if that makes a difference! We opened bank accounts with Scotiabank last week but the manager there said to wait till we had 2 paystubs before applying. We're working the same jobs as we were back in Ireland so technically have paystubs but the amounts would be in euros

  23. most (all?) newcomers I know will have a hard time with getting high valued credit card let alone churning, even with jobs and paystubs.

  24. Curious ... what do most here do with all these physical cards you are collecting (and churned out)? Shred them away or are you keeping them in an album somewhere?

  25. TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite offer ... it has 10k sign up + 20k on $1,500 + 20k on $7,500

  26. is the Amex Gold travel credit (which I believe can only be used if you book from their portal) - can that be used as statement credit through RHT?

  27. Best way to maximize Amex 10x Eat & Drink?

  28. buy groceries or other stuff at grocery stores (gift cards)

  29. hmm none of my groceries store take Amex (Costco + Loblaws)

  30. About to cancel / PS P2 old TD Cashback VI ... Currently have $ in "cashback reward" available that have not been redeemed. Card currently has $0 balance

  31. ah thanks, this could be handy (although last time I dealt with NBC, they are a bit of a pain)

  32. Trying to make sure i don't screw up RBC Avion Points ... I currently have 2 RBC Avion VI (myself, on my own)

  33. Lately, I have been on the other side of the coin, but I am glad I jumped on the Amex AP offer last week. Offer significantly dipped today.

  34. 90d is the time between new applications. Has nothing to do with getting WB.

  35. ah sorry, missed the "out" of without ...

  36. RBC Avion Points + West Jet Dollars

  37. Do you have bank accounts at RBC? You can convert to financial rewards at 1cpp a few times a year so essentially cash out for the same value as converting to WSD, but you have cash instead of stuck with WSD.

  38. hmm ok so the WSD is basically useless and better of converting to cash ...

  39. They are attached to separate cards but you can freely transfer points between cards

  40. how does RBC Avion redemption works?

  41. There is a travel portal on that website. It’s also just a skin on Expedia like Expedia4TD.

  42. gah, everytime I click on "Book travel now" i get signed out ... "you've Signed Out of Online Banking" - tried different browsers too

  43. I would. You can maximize the negotiations and your pay, termination entitlements, benefits - everything. On the (darker) side, sometimes clauses like ownership of IP that you develop in other spaces are included, and I had a case where my client developed one of the largest paintbrush brands in the world - on her termination, they fought for 2 years for IP rights.

  44. what would be the approx cost for such consultation?

  45. P2 has TD Cash Back VI and interested to get the TD Aeroplan VI for the signup bonus, but expiring tomorrow:

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