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  1. I think it could have legs with Drama being the lead, with appearances from Lloyd and Ari and the rest.

  2. I honestly think Dillon is too old, though.

  3. Sure, but don’t ruin it for me. I’m on my way to watching it

  4. No, I’ve seen the show probably 6-7 times. I just wanna have a fresh watch of the show and go right into the movie. I bought the movie last year on blue Ray and never watched it so this winter since I have time I wanna watch the series and go right into the movie. But I kinda don’t wanna watch it because everyone says it’s bad

  5. Started watching on its initial run starting in 2009… and watched the final in college with my boys and we were all pissed with the shit ending

  6. Why couldn’t we have had this version of the Bills last week, or better yet in last years’ playoffs.

  7. We did, our special teams just fucking sucked and have them 14 points

  8. I causally bro nba game casts on ESPN - just a fan of NBA, saw bulls were up by 15 and then I saw a lineup of Dragic, Caruso, White, with Vucevic and Jones JR why on earth would your coach ever put three point guards on the court at the same time?

  9. Pats fan chiming in here , I like dobbs, hope you guys found your qb

  10. You have the worst defensive backcourt in nba history

  11. But LaMelo has highlight plays when we’re down 30. Isn’t that worth it? 🪦

  12. Calling it now, lions will implode and Vikings will have a chance to win with last drive of fsme

  13. Pretty much according to predictions. A young and inexperienced US team (first WC for all but Yedlin I think) made too many mistakes and the Netherlands were ready to capitalize on it. Back line needs some work and finishing was weak but the midfield played above expectations.

  14. Really? We’re you alive to watch the 2002 team? They were robbed of a chance to play Korea in the semi finals

  15. Yes but that's once. I was 20 in 2002 and barely heard of the world cup before 1994. Didn't really get into it until the 09 Confed cup. You are saying the attitude in the US is the same as back then? Last time we got out of the groups Belgium demolished us in every way.

  16. MLS is still no where near where it needs to be, which is the problem. I agree 100% the sport as a whole has grown a ton since then. Do not downplay the 2014 for getting destroyed by Belgium who was literally in their golden years from 2014-2020.

  17. Jesus this US team is going have their asses handed to them in the round of 16

  18. Us needs to take off Robinson, what an awful defender

  19. This us team fucking sucks, bunch of primadonnas

  20. BYND has been on regsho for ages and it hasn't had crazy runs

  21. Upst is in a better situation.... Long term. In the short term rate hikes are destroying their revenue

  22. That’s even better, considering a an otc and bankrupt company squirted from reg sho.

  23. Besides it being delisted- didn’t it go up up close to 1000%? Why is that not mentioned?

  24. 400 share buy order on the Chicago exchange at around 12:50 caused a jump from 18.50 to 20.01

  25. Rolled my December calls out and picked up some extras for March. This is one that I’m willing to wait out.

  26. I bought 35 Jan 23 40s and 1599 shares at 18.30-18.10

  27. Have a good amount in a retirement account which I don’t have option access. What’s your price expectation for upst

  28. Agreed. Probably going to start looking out towards March now. It’s low and iv got smashed in the past few days

  29. What calls did he have for this upst opex?

  30. I had a 5-10 a piece I entered way later than gherk for 30-100 strikes. I am down about 20%, so I’ll leave those and look farther out. Theta is your friend

  31. Jans? I also bought 1599 shares today between 18.30 and 18.04 so I do have some shares to hold

  32. It seemed their OS increased about 8-10 million end of October until now

  33. Gherk has repeatedly said FUBO is a long pay. 1-2 years. Believe he said it was a average down opportunity after it finds a bottom.

  34. Sit him for 4-5 games - rest for playoffs, play through pain and hopefully bills win title and he gets surgery

  35. Mac Truthers “In no way is Zappe better! The offender needs time to click for Mac” “he’s coming off an ankle sprain!” Was easy to see Zappe was better after two games

  36. I’m interested to see what action is today after announcing the dropping of the sports book. Without that, they’re what? Another directTV, xfinity, dish, etc. who the fuck watches tv anymore? I have a teen and her and all her friends have zero interest in tv. They watch YouTube and other streaming stuff Netflix, etc. on the phone or laptop. I also watch about 1/4 of the amount of tv that I did in years past. Unless they have a monopoly on sports, and they don’t, this to me is dead as a long term play. Convince me otherwise.

  37. Sports book is a gimmick that will cash burn.

  38. I guess I get that about the sports book, at least that's what everyone is saying. It still doesn't give an argument for why a tv carrier is a sure bet for the future. I also don't know how a sports book can lose money?

  39. The obscene operating costs to run a digital one - it was profitable because all the books were in person in Vegas.

  40. Been shorted into oblivion lately. Thinking of getting back into a position. What we saying on this, is it still a play for another squeeze?

  41. I exited this a month ago at high 6s, please be careful with your finances

  42. So im not super sure about this and im curious why people think it. As i saw it week 1 was a 1a/1b type split. Week two Jeudy goes down early while leading in targets to that point in the game. Week three he was questionable all week and barely was able to play, resulting in a lower snap count. Im personally not sure that Sutton’s success in week 2 can really be attributed to him being the one but more to his target competition being injured. Not saying Sutton isnt going to be the clear 1, but I just personally haven’t seen it yet

  43. The fact that Sutton is better than Jeudy is enough

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