I think homeschooling should be the norm

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  1. You are correct good sir. It was a typo, I meant to put it cost the company about an extra $3,500 last year. Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Numerical pads 3 is beside 6, it's not unreasonable to typo it

  3. Nooooo, a terrarium is a sculpture with moss and running water! /s

  4. As a bartender who got this a lot, I had three questions you had to answer. Once you have their answers, you can go from there pretty easily. Do you like soda or juice? Do you like sweet or citrus? Do you like dark or light liquor?

  5. Because the Daily Mail told them to, presumably with multiple pages of coverage over several days

  6. One of the hardest parts of aphantasia is trying to explain it to somebody who doesn’t have it. I can’t replay or imagine any of my 5 senses. I do have an internal monologue but I don’t “hear” or “see” it. It just is

  7. Why do people post theses clips? I done a stoopid, let me share it with the world!

  8. Imo that's agate and not halite. Try washing it and give it a lick. If it's salty, it's halite. But if it's not, then imo that's just agate.

  9. Licking for identification doesn’t seem like the best option, ever. Is this rock poisonous? an old poop? I dunno, lick it and see.

  10. Not my parts, but I'm partial to a "Mrs Mimsy"

  11. You'd better believe it. I've slaughtered entire bloodlines for less.

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