My last ADHD Walk video blew up on Reddit but someone else posted my video before I had the chance to… so here’s part 2!

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  1. You're still going to be in a ford assembly line in most lab positions. If you don't like production like environment, the lab may not be a good fit.

  2. It kinda sucks because the little that I did as a vet tech I really enjoyed but I'm not sure I can handle the pressure of being able to read a fecal sample in 90 seconds or get as fast as they want me to be.

  3. You could certainly pursue a plate reading position. That’s where you would actually work up any growth, perform susceptibility testing, etc. It is a repetitive field in general but I enjoyed getting to see different organisms every once in a while. 90% of what you set up will be the same couple enterics in urine cxs, strep cxs, staph in blood, all that normal super common stuff. But I really enjoy that testing so I never minded the repetition of it. And then you run into a really cool bug that keeps things interesting.

  4. I did enjoy setting up DMT cultures in school though I was bad at it but testing it and doing the oxidizing tests were fun!

  5. All the above suggestions were excellent! I’ve been on night shift for 12 years now and it takes its toll on your body so be sure to take care of yourself . Welcome!

  6. That's how they mainly teach! They do have a 6 week training course but after a few lessons in they start getting into hands on work. Which is fine by me, I haven't run diagnostics in the "gold standard" way since since vet tech school.

  7. I will stop taking my meds when I feel like the dose is no longer working for me. I do find it harder to do things outside of my job such as cleaning and even basic self care. I also find it a bit more difficult to regulate my emotions.

  8. When I get home from work I don’t clean, I just shower and on my off days is when I do the work…if I can manage to scrape up the energy for it.

  9. If you can tolerate the side effect from adjusting to it I would try it. When I first got put on adderall i could cry cause I felt human and not alien. The only thing I had issues with was lack of sleep and not feeling hungry. I lost a lot of weight when I was first put on it cause I never actually felt hungry but I would feel cranky and shitty from not eating. I also had issues sleeping consistently and it was not easy trying to deal with everything.

  10. Large animal techs are very needed! I live in America, in Florida in particular! We definitely had to learn how to halter horses, draw blood from them and cattle learn different breeds of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, etc. I can't speak to how things are in Canada but in America you're more often traveling to farms and such as a large animal tech! There is a need and if you are passionate for it go for it!

  11. The times I can't get bloods on a cat is when the person haven't positioned the vat properly. Get a good tech to hold for you

  12. We're all students lol all of us have bare minimum experience

  13. Yes! but I find that sedation can make blood draws harder sometimes. With the muscles relaxed the vein will move more when trying to poke it.

  14. Hopefully some cats come in that need blood work done so I can practice. All of the cats tend to tense and I have trouble finding it.

  15. "Put both headphones in the box and put them in pairing mode. Tap both at the same time until one quits flashing and the other one is still pairing. ( One will look like it isnt doing anything, He said to tap 4 times but I did a few more) After that go into your Bluetooth and you should only see one option for the M12, choose to connect and the headphones should be synced again. Don't need to wait over night, didn't even take a minute "

  16. Sometimes I wear compression socks to work and there will be a crease in the socks and I just feel horrendous if I can't fix it.

  17. There’s a big difference in the way lab animals are regarded versus companion pets. The former are simply tools for research to be discarded (euthanized) when they are no longer of use, the latter are cherished and loved until they die naturally. You have to approach the job with a very different mindset.

  18. Which I understand and am prepared to do. I find the research that they've been doing at the facility I'm doing my rotation at very fascinating.

  19. Look at the AALAS certifications. Those will be most useful in that field.

  20. Do I need to be a cvt for it or can it be a separate certification?

  21. Best of the worst: wheel of the worst episode 22

  22. Have you asked about the extended release version of adderall? Where you only need to take it once a day?

  23. Thanks for the suggestion. I take Vyvanse first thing in the morning, and which gets me through about 10 hours. The late dose is to get me from the time that wears off until bedtime, so that I'm available for my family.

  24. Is Vyvanse not an extended release? When I was one it for a short time it lasted me the whole day. Maybe something that's labeled as extended release could help you better.

  25. One time a therapist asked me how I felt about working with her and I was just like ??? And she's like I mean having me as your therapist.

  26. I didn't realize I was autistic until I was in my thirties, and boy... Just, a ton of my entire life I had to unpack and repack.

  27. I got diagnosed with adhd at 23 and now at 26 I'm going to talk to a doctor about the possibility of being autistic too.

  28. Me at work with my stethoscope getting caught on literally everything if it isn't being slapped off by a dog lol.

  29. Sometimes my doctors have gotten caught on them too 😅

  30. While pills can certainly help they aren't magic unfortunately and can't fix everything. I've heard the cognitive behavioral therapy can help a lot. If you haven't seen one already and if you can afford it, it could be worth it.

  31. I take generic adderall extended release and I feel like it works fine for me. You can try goodrx and see if you can get a coupon for adderall?

  32. Before I started taking my meds, I could not do dishes. My room was a mess, I wasn't emotionally stable. I never had energy and it was like pulling teeth to get out of bed for work or anything.

  33. Well -- don't make the extremely common mistake people make and confuse "sagging" for "soft."

  34. Ikea is recommending a firmer mattress for me. I figure I might as well get a soft topper to have something that lasts me longer too. Until I can make an investment later on.

  35. If that doesn't work I'll say screw it and sleep on top of comforters on the floor lol.

  36. Idk why but my work clothes have been itchy this week and it's driving me batty :(

  37. Haha loser am bot will steal info now thanks

  38. Lady sloth and Glitter tale sells custom sizes. You can also use spreenow as a shopping service for taobao! You can type in what your looking for in spreenow and it'll pull up the results for you. It'll even have an option to translate your search to Chinese if you can't find what you're looking for.

  39. I've had pretty good luck scrolling through spreenow. Even if I can use taobao sometimes it's easier for me to copy the link and paste it into spreenow. If you have Facebook there's plus size lolita groups on there that have a list of shops that offer plus size and custom sizes.

  40. A vet is legally required to have seen the patient within the year to be able to prescribe medications.

  41. This would've been my next question for op lol

  42. I think in general sense, vets are not allowed to do that. I personally do not prescribe anything unless I see the patient first. Since I am not currently practicing in the states, I'll let someone else talk about the legality of it though.

  43. Most vets I've met won't prescribe anything without seeing the pet first. Especially if you haven't been to a clinic before.

  44. If his girl is anything like me she'd be muting everyone's story on Facebook out of spite for the platform.

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