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  1. They tend to cause unfavorable changes in the gut microbiome which can alter hunger signaling, insulin sensitivity, and even change hormonal balance in men and women.

  2. I think that happens with many meds. I’m taking Milixicam, an NSAID, for a strain tendon. My stomach is NOT happy.

  3. It’s normal to fluctuate in weight and regain some water since aldosterone levels fluctuate. You could try “cycle syncing” and lowering carb intake in favor of more healthy fats in your luteal phase (2 weeks before bleeding) and using higher fats in your follicular phase (first 2 weeks of your cycle start counting Day 1 when you have a full bleed).

  4. DAE have a gut that sticks out despite being natty? I’ve felt my fat also to see if it could just be the fat adding length but my gut does stick out more than it should. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

  5. Post a photo. Could be bloated/gassy or have some GI issue that may warrant a doctor to look at or a coach who knows how to work these issues to examine diet training and supps.

  6. If they started to care more, would it change how you approach your preps? You've been doing it "alone" for 1-2 years now, what has driven you so far?

  7. It’s because I’ve been wanting to do it ever since high school and it basically saved me, because I wouldn’t say I had an eating disorder. But, my approach to food was very wrong (starving myself, restriction, and etc.) bodybuilding has shown me that I need to eat to fuel my body. But, if they did support it that wouldn’t necessarily change how I approach my prep. It just hurts seeing them support my siblings because it’s what my parents like. They don’t come to my competitions either.

  8. I hear ya. It's the same for me and bodybuilding, it took like 5-6 shows for my parents to accept the world/sport but they did come to my first show.

  9. I'm a male coach who coaches mostly females. All I'll say here is that male coaches tend to be more direct and in my experience, female clients seem to take directives better. I'll coach guys who "know their body" and they do shit on the side without telling me and end up looking like a sack of mac and cheese. The female clients listen. Just gotta listen a lot because they talk a lot more LOL ;)

  10. Being on HBC (hormonal birth control) will shut you down (by stopping LH and FSH signaling from your brain to your ovaries) and the degree of your secondary hypothalmic amenorrhea will depend on what BC you were taking and for how long.

  11. What has she done for people? Who has worked with her? You can go to business school and get an accredited degree at some places for similar cash.

  12. My favorite podcatsa are E3 Erica Lugo and Vince Pitstick, just ingredients podcast, hard facts fitness , heal thyself, excellence cartel, alpha health and wellness radio, revivecast

  13. Thissss. How can people celebrate an online bully who shames literally everyone but we’ll old white men basically, from women who are heavier but trying to help others, women who are stunning but obviously have their own mental issues and don’t see themselves the way the rest of the world perceives them regardless of how stunning they are, or who just are running a damn business like he claims to be doing. I don’t understand him at all and was really disappointed when they brought him on the Excellence Cartel podcast, thought they were smarter than to run with him.

  14. I'll take responsibility here for his invite. DM me on Instagram if you'd like to chat about it. I can speak for all of us on TEC that we listen to our listener's feedback. We try to avoid taking sides though and we have had prior guests who can be polarizing depending on who you ask. Anyway, appreciate your voice here.

  15. I'm not an influencer but I kinda coach lol... I'm Asian. Maybe this counts? Ha ha...

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