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  1. Izuku's sister? Cousin? daughter? Is this a fan character or is she gonn be in the manga?

  2. I made her but shes his older sister. She isnt canon haha

  3. Yeah not seeing the family resemblance here…

  4. She has similar hair as him as well as a few freckles altho not as many as izuku. Her nad izuku's father leaving affected her alot makibg her more numb rather then more emotional like her brother

  5. Perhaps she can absorb fire/heat Energy nearby and then project it outwards like a hemispheric dome of fiery protection.

  6. Pyrokinesis or Pyromagnetism. More of a combination of both parents' Quirks. Instead of producing her own fire, she can manipulate or direct pre-existing flames. Support items could include a flame thrower so she has a supply of flames to manipulate.

  7. Your mom is a bitch is seems like every man youve been with if you can even call them that is a bastard but it will get better i promise not all men are bad

  8. Although it’s not great to hear that you relapsed i do think it’s really good you are open about it and try to reach out. Is there anything I or other people can help you with?

  9. Probably not. Idek why im bothering with posting about it. Reddit is kinda like a journel for me ig

  10. That’s okay too, you’re not bothering me at least. If you ever need advice or would like someone to chat im here! Xx

  11. That's not your burden to bear. You shouldn't be his lifeline. Further, he likely won't actually. You realize he's using that to manipulate you into staying, right? That's a common tactic of narcissists and ASPD people.

  12. Welcome back! Just make sure he feels loved and accepted no matter what, and be there if he needs to vent. I know that is generic advice, but my mind is racing 1000000 miles a minute right now (caffeine) and I can't come up with anything deeper. :) GL!

  13. Sit him down and have an honest discussion about what triggers his dysphoria and how you can help. If he’s unable to do that, then idk how much you can help. Every trans person’s dysphoria is unique to them, and so what works for me, won’t work for him. I would just try to communicate with him as best as you can. My husband and I had a very honest conversation about my bipolar disorder and what to do in certain situations and what I needed when X happens, etc. I think you should probably do the same with your partner, not just about his dysphoria but probably about both of your mental health needs. I honestly feel like good communication is the solution to a lot of relationship problems, but especially with individuals with mental health problems.

  14. Thank you I'll keep this in mind for next time I see him

  15. You could try some grounding techniques, there's one on this website

  16. You're welcome. I also have someone who causes my anxiety to skyrocket so I have an idea of how you might feel, I really hope you find something that works for you.

  17. I like to watch markiplier or jacksepticeye on youtube. They always cheer me up

  18. I feel like people are depending on em to do things without even asking me to do it first and they get upset at me because they forgot to tell me something

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