Crazy facade fire in Changsha, China

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Bikes left at Burning Man

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[OC] Richest Billionaire In Each State

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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Tap water in Jackson, Mississippi

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Something isn't adding up

  1. Wow way to miss that point. Do you think products become cheaper or more expensive over time? Do you think the cars now are the cheapest they will ever be?

  2. What are you, 15? Lol. Vehicles are the highest price they've ever been. Used vehicles have sky rocketed, and new cars are stupid expensive. So yes, the natural order of things is cost tends to go up over time as inflation slowly builds. Look up cars ten years ago vs now.

  3. The cost of a Buick road master in 1952 in todays dollars is $33,124. Why was there such a war on the poor in 1952!

  4. Must be nice letting mommy and daddy pay for everything. This comment along says you have no idea about economics and the history of it. There's a reason why even lower and middle class could have one parent stay home while the other works, why you could afford the house and car etc. No need to argue about a topic you don't know, just learn from it.

  5. Yes. Anything not in a physical format is subject to this.

  6. Most people in here are mad because he had the courage to post it haha. Everyone in here would do the same arrangement if we could lol.

  7. OK, well you go clean it up. It's not "littered with". We know where each bot is located.

  8. Because we know that musical theater is full of straight guys lol.

  9. Ah the pointless grind or pay real money. I hate ubisoft now for that bs.

  10. When you wonder why we have so many regulations to commercial buildings in the US.. This is why lol

  11. Everyone at these things cry about the environment as well lol

  12. i like vomiting but im bulimic so probably some faulty wiring has transpired by this point

  13. Yeah, you probably need to talk to someone before it gets worse. Best of luck to you though.

  14. I've now lived through 5 different tipping points lol. Either we have already tipped or they keep moving the goal line. Follow the money.

  15. I mean it depends what country. The ones around the equator, yeah those are pass the tipping point. Good luck with crops in a desert

  16. You mean the same deserts that's been deserts for thousands of years and people still got by?? Oh my, however will we keep surviving...

  17. Charish this. I'd do anything to have my dad back getting me dumb stuff. You are young and full of life but one day you'll look back on this memory and it'll help you get through any hard times you might have.

  18. Ooh let me guess you want it to say all or white lives matter who were both counter groups to blm (they both came after blm was made) just in case you didn’t know what I was talking about

  19. BLM was created to take advantage of a situation and used ignorance and uneducated members of society to help push an agenda to sell products which none has gone to improving the black community. Not sure why you are defending this group, but I also have i hate trump stickers I can sell you along with overpriced rainbow items.. Ya know, gay pride and all lol. The system is so easy to read and understand, yet people keep falling for it all the time.

  20. 320 million Americans, 61% is white and you want us to believe that 350 people represents whites as a whole lol. The people that fall for this are the same ones that scream climate change from their iPhones made by slave labor.

  21. Publicly listed lol. This data is completely wrong or at the very least, misleading. It's like when people say Jeff and elon are the richest people in the world, which is not near the truth. Only reason we know their networth is because they are ceo of a publicly traded company.

  22. Good thing we keep giving billions to the rest of the world..

  23. Haha how many redacted articles and blatant lies well it take before people stop using the guardian. The same people that are screaming this is also buying beach front property. Say what ya want about the Banks and large investors but they aren't going to spend trillions on an investment that will go under in one or two decades. I know I'm going to get down voted to death for this, but if climate change was as extreme, and catastrophic as they are claiming, you would see trillions upon trillions being invested in the Midwest. New major cities popping up and a complete shift in the economic centers of our nation.

  24. That's stupid. Lol feel bad for all the people working on the show that aren't the money makers..

  25. I'm sure that'll be the Russian people's top priority once their economy collapses due to a pointless and profitless invasion of another country.

  26. Their making Bank. They are literally making more money now than before the invasion because of the idiotic policies we've created

  27. Allegedly or found guilty? Those are two completely different things.

  28. Yes dude but I am paying 400€ every month and my wife a little bit less here in Germany. On top of that I have accident, life and travel insurance to be covered only for my body and health Our household is spending 1000€ per month on this proximately. So yes i think USA is a shithole with their health care but don’t make such a cheap comment

  29. I pay $10 a month for all medical expenses lol. I don't have an issue.

  30. Remember how happy they were wren they shutdowns their nuclear power plants?? So dumb lol

  31. More? Ha.. The fact that all of Europe is only invested like 1% of the war effort shows how little they feel worried and they live there lol. The US has sent billions while only paying down $10k on student loans and saying look we did good!

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