1. You remember something when you apply it all the time. If you can't memorize it, solving problems is the most natural way to go.

  2. sir meetup kab karna hai? IISER mohali mein ho na aap? JEE Advance ke baad aunga for sure

  3. Hypothetically speaking which one would you recommend to those who want to pursue PhD abroad? I am not against iiser pune but Kolkata is near my home while pune is far away.

  4. Never judge a person by the thickness of his boobs books

  5. I remember in 'Rustam' starring Akshay Kumar they used this famous sequence that is found in the Phillidor's (I hope people get what I'm writing)

  6. Yaar, mai train ke upper berth pe tha, ye sunke uthne ki jagah niche gir gaya 😔

  7. Arre work on surface poocha hai work on pencil nahi. Work on pencil zero hota friction ka but work on surface har element ka diff hoga

  8. I guess without a5, the pawn on b6 can act as a hook for white. And white can try to undermine black's queenside playing a4-a5. So black stops that by playing a5 themselves.

  9. Stuants rankers ki reading ability bohot developed hoti hai.. aur pogi ko wo aap main dikh nahi rahi

  10. Ranker banne ka age to chala gaya, abhi spanker banna hai 🗿

  11. acha hua maine pcmb liya tha. sabko dekh kar hilata tha

  12. Get Chessmaster 11, cheaper and better than any chess book for you

  13. Doesn't that happen to everyone who has a provisional rating?

  14. Slightly irrelevant but ig World Rapid & Blitz, Chess Olympiad and the Chess World Cup are most fun to watch

  15. I'm 2300 rapid on Lichess and I still hang pieces and miss basica tactics from time to time. Best way is to lessen your own blunders and punish the ones made by your opponent.

  16. That's the most interesting game I could play without going outdoors.

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