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  1. Nice, so is it legit or they say they are registered and they aren't?

  2. I fully agree with you, they are doing everything they can to resist and they will succeed.


  4. Iran for sure is nothing easy, but for me, it sounded like it is already there. For now, I want the promised evidence, then I start thinking about that. Right

  5. What if this company and all the other are also fake? Look at Google maps where the HQ is located. Does it look like the HQ of a corporation having 300mn € in assets?

  6. Facebook does that too including many other companies, whats ur point?

  7. I guess a lot is just speculation at the moment. I get the reactions from both sides: one group of people are convinced they've been conned and want the team held accountable. The other side are in a 'nothing to lose now' frame of mind and want to let the YN team go ahead with their iranian powerplant (still puzzled by this) solution. I lean towards the first group, and like you, don't buy the 300 mil investor story. Hope I'm wrong for everyone involved though.

  8. You want us to believe you did not coordinate with your lawyers from day one? Thats not why you had to mention the "risks involved" at the end of each email?


  10. Hello, my name is Urs Schwinger, after everyone here writes about me and an supposed employee of DECENOMY tells quite adventurous stories, I would also like to write something about it.

  11. I am really happy that finally we have the possibility to talk with you directly. As a first thing, I would like to ask (on behalf of many users) why there was no previous notice regarding the fact of putting withdrawals in pause. In my opinion transparency and clear communication are really important right now. From my point of view as investors we should give you and the Yieldnodes/Decenomy team the time to explain and answer our questions. I am against the fact of starting an "insta" lawsuit, it could backfire us and give more damage to the funds that people are waiting to be able to withdraw.

  12. So this is actually a crazy story. If I remember right she got out the car in a tiger park to argue with her mother in law or something. Tiger grabbed her and the husband and mother ran after. Mother died I believe and she survived. So technically she won't the argument.

  13. I hated this scene. Right when the dude was showing his true, decent character, he dies.

  14. Would play with 15/10. Cute puppy definitely should have pupperface smooshed in said pupperface

  15. Beautimus. I took a feral in about ten years ago. He’s probably 15+. Tame with me and two other cats now. Still ~wild Most grateful cat ever

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