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  1. My advice would be to find a good tattoo artist and give him creative control to draft a handful of cover up designs and pick the one you like most

  2. If you want to have fun.. give someone a can of rattle can spray paint and tell them its ready to use when there is no noise coming from the can while shaking. Little kids and young adults are the best subjects.

  3. I realized that after I finished beating your mom for talking back to me again

  4. Everything 50 has dropped since then has had heat on it. If he was still 100% invested in promoting his music those projects would have more mainstream fans.

  5. Well the whole process of not committing or focusing on an album that you release for your “core fans” is a spit in the face to them really. Just seems like you’re trying to justify bad albums

  6. Lmao I was only talking about promotion. You sound like your going way out of your way to hate.

  7. The list says “Top 20 Picks” and we’re in a /rap subreddit

  8. Lol, I knew this would be the go to argument. I’m not saying I’m an avid fan of pop rap, because I’m not. I’m defending the genre as a whole from your ignorance and correcting what you have got wrong. Objectively speaking lyricism is not the be-all-end-all of what makes a song enjoyable because music is subjective. You’re stating an opinion/your preference as an objective fact. I’m simply explaining why mainstream rap is intentionally simple and why it has the popularity it does as a result. Quite simply the average radio listener isn’t going to want to listen to DOOM, the roots or public enemy.

  9. The average radio listener loved Britney Spears. Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Osborne got record deals Cardi B exists.

  10. But those outkast songs were ms Jackson and hey ya, it wasn’t exactly da art of story telling was it? Lots of great artists have had bland songs get major radio play because that’s what the radios pump out. You’re not going to see consciously challenging music, you’re not going to see abstract hiphop like billy woods. As I said, I’m not defending it- to defend it would be me saying I’m a fan of it. I’m correcting you on why what you said is incorrect, why your opinion isn’t a fact and why that kind of music is so popular. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

  11. I immediately thought of Glenfell towel, then remembered I am not a kid anymore, and that kind of comment just isn’t acceptable these days.

  12. It’s all preference of style but for me ODB is the best. He had a unique stylistic voice and was consistent in who he was as an artist.

  13. Well yeah cuz he was either hiding from the feds, in jail, or dead lol.

  14. That’s a remarkably shit list bar a few albums- listen to Blu, Aesop rock, the roots, outkast, Zion I, Big Krit Big pun Billy woods Black thought Blu Boldy James Bus driver Common Danny brown Daveed Diggs Deca Del the funkee homosapien Deacon the villain Denzel curry DMX Earl sweatshirt Elucid Elzhi El P Freddie Gibbs Ghostface Gza Ice cube Illogic Jay Z Jam Baxter Jay electronica Kanye Kendrick Killer Mike Kool G Rap KRS ONE Lil Wayne Lil ugly mane Libby2rappy Lupe fiasco Mac Hommy Mac miller MC RIDE MF DOOM Mick Jenkins Milo Mos Def Nas Navy blue Open Mike eagle Pharaoh Monch Prodigy Pusha T Q tip Quelle Chris Raekwon Rakim Rap Ferreira Redman Roc Marciano Rome streetz Royce Rza Saroc Schoolboy Q Sean Price Slug Skyzoo Styles P Talib Kweli Tyler the creator Vince staples Your old Droog

  15. Okay, was just checking as it would’ve been something worth considering if you were unaware

  16. Lad I’m complimenting you, you’re playing the act really well just tone it down or you’ll get found out xx

  17. Well yeah it is, if everyone’s a legend you nullify the hard work, talent, status, meaning and rarity of being a legend

  18. my top 5 are MC Lyte Lauryn Bahamadia Rage and Suga T

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