1. if messi retires, dybala is taking his place both position and leadership wise I think. they'll have a decent team, and may make a deep run, but its going to be hard without messi

  2. middle of the field, plus the main point is that play was already called to be stopped

  3. damn you got offer? i havent even heard back after hirevue

  4. Yeah, I have not heard back from them either, but generally new grads apps are for candidates who are less than 1 year out of graduation

  5. every CS program will be highly constituted with theory stuff.

  6. are they waitlisting because the class is full?

  7. microsoft is probably lowballing with that offer

  8. I have my on site in a few days, I think they told me first on-site would be 2 technical rounds (each with 1-2 engineers? and then if you pass that there’s a system design round.

  9. System design as in OOD or proper system design?

  10. thanks! how was your phone screen, and do you have any tips for prep?

  11. This, but recruiters are hesitant to give their contact info out. Its probably scan this QR code to get priority apps, and get invited for a onsite interview.

  12. yeah i was going for the recursion approach. do you know the specific problem on leetcode?

  13. Bro, I got number of 5-length palindromes in a binary string. This needed DP lol. Was this easy? or different question?

  14. GS OA is luck, they just give random questions.

  15. I aplied for EMEA internship and had an OA before the hr phone screen

  16. Just sharing my experience. I dont know how the process goes.

  17. Hey, how did you prep for Bloomberg phone screen?

  18. yeah, but i have not even gotten the hirevue lmao. when did you guys get the hirevue after the OA? i did the OA pretty late after I got it tho

  19. I think those concepts will be surely covered in a Database Systems class of some sort, if the university offers one.

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