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  • By - ferji

  1. More of my premium original rubbish can be found on

  2. More original political crap can be found on my

  3. my comment has more votes on it in 10 minutes, than this post does currently sitting on 2, which no matter if people disagree with me, i am right, its bad art and doesnt make any sense

  4. It’s not my best work, I admit. If you send me an idea I will draw it for you. Let’s collaborate

  5. you should do one about michelle oneil, maybe something about her bending the knee a few weeks ago

  6. Keep em coming. No bad ideas in a brainstorm

  7. Obligatory self-hooring links: more crap on

  8. Thanks. I can’t make that one more silly I’m afraid

  9. Hi, I post more crap like this on

  10. Why do all political cartoonists draw like that? Question that popped into my head yesterday. It's like there's half a dozen styles they're allowed to choose from, and a lot of them look like carnival caricatures. I get you need quick recognizability but the consistency baffles me.

  11. Time and talent restraints

  12. Following now, love your stuff!

  13. Hi, I post this sort of crapola on

  14. The caricature is brilliant. Can't say that I always get the gag but I'm enjoying the expression.

  15. Please put this on your Instagram so I can share it

  16. Thanks for reminding me

  17. ferji are you published in any newspaper? Your work is brilliant!

  18. Thanks, not regularly no. Few bits here and there for websites and I've been in some papers

  19. Hi, I post more politically motivated art on

  20. Savage!! Keep it coming here too, please. I reckon it'll reach the correct audience here. What's your handle on both of the other platforms?Do you sell prints?

  21. Thanks, it's @InfiniteGuff. I don't actually sell prints

  22. Hi, I post shite like this on

  23. Need to rename it to ‘The Worst Of Us’.

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