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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Regular contributions to your 401k are the perfect example. Set it, forget it, and be richer than 90% of peers in your age group.

  2. File a complaint with the store. They can watch him and, once confirmed, bar him from access and have him trespassed if he keeps trying it.

  3. They told you if you voted for Biden that Mango prices would go through the roof! You were warned.

  4. That little selloff was hilarious. Give the bears a bit of hope and then squash them.

  5. Max out your contributions to an IRA, shred all your plastic, and pay all expenses in cash. No car purchase should ever be made except with cash. That will get you out of what seems to be a habit of serially financing vehicles. The IRA contribution will build your savings quickly and it's pre-tax so you won't notice it that much. Slightly smaller paychecks. Never spend more than you take in during a month unless it is an absolute emergency. Vacations aren't an emergency. Cars aren't an emergency except for minimum repairs to get it running again. Kids expenses aren't an emergency unless they lack food, shelter, or essential medical care. Sell everything you don't absolutely need and get that money to work in an index fund. Treat your lack of retirement savings as an emergency because, at 36, you're already way behind the curve.

  6. They would see earth as it was 125 years ago from their home, so if they jump of their spaceship and flew toward us, would they see a fast forwarded Timelapse of earth if they were looking while flying towards us?

  7. Yes the overall effect is that things in front of you, in the direction of your motion, will appear brighter, more blue, and sped-up-in-time. The apparent speed up won't be linear, however, due to relativistic effects. Note that (ignoring relativistic effects) you aren't actually seeing time move faster at the target but, rather, you are just seeing an illusion due to the fact you are traveling in the opposite direction of an "old" light beam. The relativistic effects at .5c are much more minor and would contribute only an additional 15% or so to how fast things appear to be moving on earth from your vantage point.

  8. Amazing how much people will pay for some fat fried in old grease.

  9. That looks so good I'm not sure I'd complain. Would take that over a full size Dominos any day!

  10. Odd how all the other restaurants in the state and in the country seem to be thriving.

  11. Nailed? I bought it when it was down 4% in after hours and am now up 6.75% on my position. No regrets here!

  12. 4% rule for an $8k/month income is $96k x 25 = $2.4mm. So you'd need to save $2.4mm.

  13. It's less when you factor in social security. I'm 54, for example, and my social security estimate is $70,000 a year at age 70 for wife and I combined. Hence, I really only need to stretch my savings from 55 to 69 which is 14 years not the "perpetuity" that the 4% rule was designed for. Have about $1.4M saved and the Personal Capital model indicates I can spend $7500 a month with about 90% chance of success if I retire next year. Note I'll also be downsizing the house at 60 so the model is factoring in an extra $200k windfall as well. Have a small pension too which will be about $280 a month at 65.

  14. Picked up some $AAPL after hours yesterday. That was a really easy 5% gain.

  15. My boyfriend realized he really really likes my feet a few months ago. As I absolutely love my feet being touched this has turned out to be an amazing time for both of us.

  16. I think he just finally admitted it openly. They were probably a key selling point all along.

  17. You may lose your unemployment benefits if you sign. For $600? Definitely not worth it

  18. Signing a severance does not render you ineligible for unemployment. That would be absolutely ridiculous since nearly everyone who is laid off, at least in the white collar world, gets some kind of severance package. Unless OP plans to sue the company, just take it. Better than $0.

  19. It's the same as when you have a salary except the 401k draws are now the source of your income. You can finance a new toy, either from your savings or through a bank, the same way you did prior to retirement. If borrowing from your own funds, you'll need to make sure to pay yourself back. The way to pay yourself back is to reduce other spending proportionally so for example get the nice jeep but then reduce the number of vacations or meals out for the duration needed to recoup the draw.

  20. Surprised how far I had to scroll to find the most obvious reason for 2A. Like sure it's fun for sport and hunting. But ultimately that's just a perk and something we do. The main reason is this post right here.

  21. How many people have successfully stopped the U.S. government using small arms? Didn't work out too well for the Branch Davidians and it seems to fail everyone who tries to go up against the authorities. Even the local cops, let alone a federal army, are very effective at dealing with people who think their gun grants them some type of immunity from government law enforcement. The most extreme example was the Civil War, where the entire South seceded and were heavily armed, and even that ultimately failed. The Revolution worked but that was against Great Britain with a literal ocean between them and the colonists. Psychologically I guess it is good to think that, notionally, the population could fight back against a despot but practically it doesn't seem to confer much value.

  22. Exactly. Wrestling is a brutal contact sport that's scripted. Injuries are common. A former boss was friends with Mankind and the guy broke literally every bone in his body over the course of his career. I'm fairly sure they improvise too so the results of each match may be somewhat indeterminate particularly for the matches that aren't marquee ones. I view the sport as similar to a high wire act. It's compelling because the danger is real and the acting, while sometimes cheesy, is overall great.

  23. Damn Computer Aided Design will age you quickly!

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